Devina Home

Background and brand overview

As one of the best Orange County home renovation services with top-notch design, they are here to help you make your dream come true. Devina home is one of the most skilled, working closely with their clients to walk them through every stage of their project, from revamping your bathroom to your bedroom makeover or entire home decor.

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    The Problem

    The business was up in annual sales. They impacted their community with raving clients and beautiful results, but mainly only getting new business referrals.

    The appearance of their old website could not carry the superior quality and beauty of the worthy projects that they were designing and building. Their portfolio and advertised designs were not representative of their capacities nor aiding them to land the larger, more modern projects. There were no conversion chances for the reader other than picking up the phone to call. Their social media attendance was minimal, channels lying deserted except for a few posts a year.

    The Solution

    Devina Home wanted to increase its revenue, boost the average job size, and concentrate on more significant projects to keep their crews working. They engaged our firm to begin work minimally with a social media management retainer and minor website updates to build the foundation for developing their image and appearance. After months of pure social media endeavors, we developed an inbound marketing strategy for the custom home builder. Which included:

    PurpleZ-offered Services



    Local SEO

    Social media management



    Logo design

    Video commercial

    Business card design

    Online reputation


    Organic Search Traffic : 30%

    Users +35 %

    New users +40 %

    Sessions +15 %

    Total impressions +40 %

    Client Testimonial
    We Chose PurpleZ to perform online marketing for my remodeling business. In a few months, they drove my company to the top of the remodeling market. I am averaging more leads every two weeks than I would see an entire year, and everything is working beautifully in our favor.

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