What are 12 Examples of E-Commerce Websites with Fantastic Designs?

Design is one factor that significantly contributes to the success of an E-Commerce website. 75% of people estimate the reliability of a business based on how its website looks. Also, 6 out of 10 people consider website usability crucial when shopping online.

No matter how acceptable a product or service is, if the eCommerce website looks terrible, any business may struggle to get conversions. Therefore, we’ve compiled the one 2best examples of outstanding eCommerce website designs to inspire you.

 Amazon E commerce Website

Amazon is an example of a good eCommerce website. Amazon’s user-friendly website design makes it convenient for customers to find out what they need.

To speed up the purchasing experience, website visitors can use the on-site search engine to search for their desired items, with some filtering options helping to show the relevant products.

Despite having hundreds of products in its marketplace, Amazon website does a great job of simplifying its interface.

Therefore users don’t feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of options, making the online purchasing site easy to navigate.


E-Commerce Webdesign

Nova Smart Home Ecommerce Website

This telecommunications company has a one-of-a-kind microsite dedicated to its smart home devices. An animated 3D house model becomes an interactive product demonstration website for Nova’s products.

When picking a product category from the top navigation bar, the page indicates where the product is used in the house. When clicked, the website shows a range of products to pick from in that category.

Though this microsite is better viewed on desktop screens, the website design translates well to mobile devices.

Welly Ecommerce Website

If you decide to make a minimalistic online store, choose Welly for your inspiration. This US-based brand has a modern eCommerce website design, putting the center of its product.

The interface is clean and straightforward, with hundreds of white spaces. A well-implemented typographic hierarchy improves the readability, making it comfortable for customers to notice what the business is about.

Another feature is the color palette. The website first uses a white background and green shade for text. In comparison, the orange shade serves as the accent color.

This color combination helps the users’ eyes to necessary elements like call-to-action (CTA) buttons. This is an excellent practice to boost your conversion rates.

Bite Toothpaste Bits E commerce Website

Bite’s online shop is among the best instances of a good eCommerce business website. The lovely designed homepage grabs the user’s attention and communicates why their all-natural toothpaste is worth buying.


E-Commerce Webdesign

Apple E commerce Website

Apple’s website is about highlighting its products. Unlike most eCommerce websites, Apple’s product pages read like a landing page, with unique selling propositions, social proof, and critical benefits.

Apple website also shows why minimal design isn’t aesthetically pleasing but also helpful in drawing the visitors’ attention. Customers aren’t distracted from the close-up product photos with a simple background and plenty of white space.

Frans Hals Museum E commerce Website

If you decide to make a colorful eCommerce store, look at Frans Hals Museum’s site.

Frans Hals Museum utilizes bright colors to make an attractive website design without distracting visitors from the essential information.

To maintain readability, this website uses black for text. There’s also a large amount of white space in solid colors.

This website is user-friendly. For example, if you don’t know what event to check out, the search function can suggest an exhibition based on a phrase chosen from a drop-down menu.

Simply Chocolate E commerce Website

Simply Chocolate owns a unique online shop. Though it may look unconventional, this works in its favor, as its design elements set it apart from other eCommerce websites.

Carrollwood Florist E commerce Website

This attractive designed online florist website is an excellent example of a remarkable yet straightforward eCommerce store.

Design-wise, this website looks minimalist and colorful. Its white background contrasts with vibrant product photos. The green call-to-action buttons are efficiently noticeable.

The home page shows a full-width banner with a big headline and a product photo, creating a solid first impression.

Protest E commerce Website

Online clothing stores can benefit from implementing specific ideas from Protest’s website. Not only does the design look modern, but it’s also effortless to navigate.

Protest’s eCommerce website uses a white background and vibrant product shots, and clicking on them lets visitors purchase by the look portrayed in a picture. This contributes to an immersive shopping experience.

The product filtering options are pretty comprehensive as well. Visitors may view clothing items based on their features, such as water resistance, breathability, warmth, and so on. This may save customers a lot of time if they look for something with a specific quality.

Smokehaus E commerce Website

Smokehaus’s website shows you how it is possible to emulate the feel of a physical store to make a memorable user experience.

Instead of using a grid to introduce the products, the website opts for a slider to simulate the look of a butcher’s store

Each time you add a new item to the shopping cart, a notification appears with a brief message like “Good choice” These details add a personalized element to the shopping process.

Sarah’s Snacks E commerce Website

Sarah’s Snacks is the name of a healthy food brand based in the US. This eCommerce store highlights its properties and inspires mindful eating habits to sell its products.

This website successfully does so through its bright color palette. The home page communicates what the company offers through its vivid copy.

The shop page is functional and straightforward. Customers can filter items by category and sort them by rating and popularity, price, and launch date for usability.

You can also check your shopping cart, which hovers over the product list to preview the total price as you shop quickly.

Vegan Essentials E commerce Website

Vegan Essentials’ website is a good example to follow if you have a wide range of products. The precise categorization system helps users to find desired items easily.

The filtering option is one feature worth mentioning. Because this eCommerce store caters to people with specific diets, it has a special filter that lets customers find items based on their ingredients.

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