Explainer Videos Service by PurpleZ

Looking for a way to explain your product, service, or brand to potential customers? Look no further! PurpleZ is your go-to destination for top-notch explainer videos.



Why do you need an explainer video?

Let’s face it: attention spans are dwindling, and capturing your audience’s attention is more challenging than ever. This is where explainer videos come to the rescue. Explainer videos are short, animated masterpieces that convey your business, product, or service in an easily digestible format. They showcase your brand’s personality, explain complex concepts, and captivate viewers.

Here’s the kicker: explainer videos have been shown to increase conversions by up to a staggering 80%. With such compelling statistics, it’s clear that incorporating explainer videos into your marketing strategy is a no-brainer.

What does an explainer video consist of?

Creating an explainer video involves a meticulous multi-step process that brings your ideas to life. Let’s break it down:

1. Scriptwriting: The foundation of a remarkable explainer video lies in a well-crafted script. Together with you, our team of talented writers will describe the main ideas of your message and choose the right duration for your video.

2. Storyboarding: Once the script is finalized, it’s time to visualize your story. Storyboarding combines your ideas into a visual format, outlining each scene’s look and flow. This step helps you envision how your video will unfold and ensures a cohesive narrative.

3. Voiceover: To infuse life into your script, professional voiceover actors step in. They imbue your words with emotion, capturing the essence of your message. With PurpleZ, you can rest assured that your explainer video will have a voice that resonates with your target audience.

4. Animation: The magic happens here. Our talented animators bring your characters, objects, and ideas to life, crafting visually stunning scenes that keep viewers engaged. Each frame is meticulously designed to align with the story and highlight your brand’s uniqueness.

5. Music and Graphics: To add the final touches, we incorporate captivating music and graphics. These elements elevate your video, making it more memorable and reinforcing your central message. The result is an explainer video that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.



Do you want us to create a script for your video?

If you already have a script, we would be pleased to collaborate with you to improve it and modify it to meet the requirements of an engaging explainer video. beginning with nothing? We may collaborate with you and our professional writing staff to develop the right script that effectively conveys your vision.

Furthermore, we offer professional voiceover services to lend an authoritative and persuasive tone to your explainer video. Our trained voice actors have the expertise to make any script shine, ensuring that your message resonates powerfully with your viewers.

Who is the audience for my explainer video?

Before diving into the production of your explainer video, it’s crucial to define your target audience and purpose. This information will shape the direction and tone of your video, maximizing its impact. Consider the following:

1. Define your target audience: Who is your video intended for? Identify the specific industry, role, or demographic that you aim to reach. Understanding your audience’s characteristics enables us to tailor the video to their needs and preferences.

2. Determine the viewing context: How and where will your audience watch the video? Are they likely to view it on their smartphones, websites, or in a professional setting? Adapting the format and style of your explainer video to suit the viewing context optimizes its effectiveness.

3. Establish your video’s purpose: What do you want viewers to achieve after watching your explainer video? Are you aiming to provide product information, inspire decision-making, or address pain points? Clarifying your objectives helps us craft a video that delivers the desired results.

How long will it take to complete an explainer video?

Depending on the size of your project, different explainer videos take different amounts of time to produce. We can begin production right away if you already have a script and storyboard prepared.

Our streamlined process allows us to deliver high-quality explainer videos in a timely manner, without compromising on quality. 

Unlock the Power of Explainer Videos with PurpleZ

When it comes to creating captivating explainer videos, PurpleZ is your trusted partner. Whether you need a script, storyboard, voiceover, or the entire package, our team of experts is ready to bring your vision to life. Get started today and let PurpleZ help you captivate your audience and achieve your business goals.