Best Marketing Strategies for Construction Company in 2022

Remodelers who own a construction company need to distinguish the best marketing strategies to expand their business in this challenging year, 2022. However, many business ideas may confuse managers to finding suitable ones for themselves.

So, follow this blog on PurpleZ, one of the best digital marketing agencies in orange county, to know the top five development plans for your remodeling companies for the current year and to be able to achieve your goals.


Internet Marketing for Construction Companies

Internet marketing is a digital marketing strategy that uses online platforms and tools for marketing your services and products. This strategy includes a wide range of plans, but here are the most important ones for growing your construction company:

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 High Quality Website for remodelers

Almost every construction company needs an appealing website to attract people to benefit from their services. Because many people don’t interact with remodeling companies face to face, your first impression is your website. So you have to rely on a great web design to entice customers.

Marc Prosser, who is a Founder of several businesses, explains, “No matter how good your marketing is, an amateur website can hurt your credibility and turn away new clients.”

To have a perfect website, you must apply these two tips:

 1-On-site SEO (Search engine optimization)

SEO helps your construction website to grow its ranking and traffic organically. By implementing SEO on your website, you have better chances to be on the top SERP(Search Engine Results Page). For example, using related keywords and content to your business will boost your leads. SEO also helps people find you easily on search engines. But you should know applying SEO techniques doesn’t mean you will definitely have more sales; you should think of it as one plan which will increase your leads if it is part of a well-planned marketing strategy.

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 2-Content Marketing for Contractors

Content marketing means providing creative content that educates or entertains your customers to attract them to stay longer on your website and trust you as a brand.

Content management includes blogging and link building that can boost your ranking on search engines.

 Link Building

Applying internal and external links in your content can help your construction company appear higher on various search engines. Links also increase the leads to your site. Moreover, if your content is relevant and fresh enough, some other websites would host your blogs, which means more traffic to your site.

Blogging for Constructors

Writing blogs may be time-consuming and needs lots of work. But you should not forget their power. Blogs will be on your websites for a long time that causing your future customers to know about your brand. By writing excellent and creative blogs, you will show your clients that you’re not just a construction company, but you are an instructor who others could trust.

Email Marketing for Remodeling Companies in Orange County

Sending emails to possible customers allows you to connect with a high proportion of people without much difficulty. The primary purpose of email marketing is connecting with your targeted audience with the intention of more sales, increasing their loyalty, and giving useful information.

As Al Levi, CEO and Founder of 7-Power Contractor, said: “The keys to construction marketing are to use things like oversized postcards or priority mailers that get looked. And it’s best to pick a targeted area to test your mailing, which needs to be sent at least three times typically over six weeks to know if it works or doesn’t.”

Email marketing is a product strategy that should consider many important factors to work well. CTA: If you want to know how to create this strategy for your remodeling company, click here.

Social Media Marketing for contractors

One of the best ways for construction companies is to advertise their home, bathroom, and kitchen remodel ideas on diverse social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram. According to JBK, 75% of construction companies have expanded their business on social media until 2019, which tells the importance of social media.

In this case, based on your branding strategy, you should be specific on your target area and audience. By determining those two factors, you will find perfect ways to communicate with your customers on social media. Social media is also practical to build relationships with your clients.

There are many platforms, but for remodelers, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the perfect ones to advertise your company.

marketing strategy

This strategic planning ranges from traditional ads like TV and Billboards to online ones such as PPC(Pay Per Click).

a) Print Ads

Printing advertisement is a traditional commercial way to get your brand’s name out. This strategy can also increase your brand awareness, which means more and more people will know your brand. These print ads could be brochures, billboards, and magazines. First, you should focus on your target location and then go out of your selling niche.

b) Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is a kind of paid digital marketing strategy on search engines such as Google. Companies pay a certain amount of money each time someone clicks on their ads to search engines to show them on the top results. Therefore, your website’s traffic and leads would increase, which means growing your brand awareness and sales.


Building Relationship Marketing for Your Remodeling Company in Orange County

This business plan focuses on customer connection primarily by improving your relationship with both existing and past customers.

Staying in Touch with Your Past Clients in Construction Companies

Although you are trying to gain new clients, you should not forget past customers. These people have indeed done their job with you, but they are the ones who have trusted you. They are precisely your target audience. Offering them referrals, such as discounts, gifts, etc., could be a great way to encourage them to advertise you to their friends and family, which means new clients.

Word of Mouth in Orange County

Participating in construction events, webinars, and seminars related to remodeling will increase the possibilities to meet new people and let them see your work and style. These events regularly are held in every business. Jeremy Knauff, a Spartan Media CEO, explained: “Focus on sharing useful content that your audience can use, even if they never become a customer. The construction company, Procore, does an amazing job of this with their webinars featuring industry experts sharing their knowledge.”

Meeting new individuals also means knowing new companies that you can partner with to grow your business.

 Partner with Similar construction Companies

Gaining the benefits of partnering with businesses with the same job as you is a good idea for turning your company to a high level. This business plan is useful for introducing yourself to a new market.

 Important Factors of Finding Suitable Brand to Co-work with
  1. Think about your potential audience.
  2. Discover companies that your targeted audience follows.
  3. Find similar brands with your industry, not your actual competitors.
  4. Find a company with a reasonable audience.
  5. Consider it as a win-win strategy for which both companies will benefit.

 Ask for Reviews

One of the best ways to build trust between your company and clients is to ask for feedback and reviews. This idea allows your happy customers to speak with you. Almost every construction company needs good feedbacks to attract new clients because people want to know about your past customers’ opinions to let you do their construction.

You can also listen to unsatisfied customers to find your problems and discover any kind of services you can have to make your customers happy.

 How Your Construction Company Can Collect Reviews?

There are several ways for remodelers to gather feedbacks, but three ways are more practical:

Testimonials, Surveys, and Google Reviews.

Click here to read more about collecting reviews.

marketing strategy

 Local Community Involvement

Community involvement will increase your brand awareness, which means more new customers for your company. There are two ways to involve in your community to gain more clients:


To make it easy for people to find you, keep sponsorships local. For example, sponsor local events like walks, festivals, etc.


Volunteering gives face-to-face communication with various types of people. Choose the appropriate times for volunteering each year to connect with the community and clients with your whole team, such as charities.

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Video Marketing (before & after videos) for Remodelers

Although visuals are part of internet marketing, you should know their importance in the various marketing plans. Using great videos and high-quality photos is necessary for websites, blogs, social media, events, charities, portfolios, etc. It is better not to restrict visuals to internet marketing.

Consider these ideas with creating videos and photos:

  • Completed Project Photos.
  • Before and After Photos.
  • Client Experience Videos.
  • Video of Events or Programs.
  • Video Home Tours.



By implementing the best marketing strategies, you, remodelers, could build a massive success for your construction companies in 2022.

So this blog tried to help you find the perfect business strategies divided into different marketing plans to achieve your goals. Was it helpful?

Do you have any questions? Send us an email or comment below.

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