Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter is a writer who specializes in marketing and advertising content. Copywriters write for various media, including print, web, video and social media and are often hired by marketing teams to create content for their clients. An agency or freelance may employ them.

What is the difference between a copywriter and a content writer?

Copywriters write copy (as in: advertising text), but this is not their primary role. Content writers create content for websites, blogs and other digital media—but again, this isn’t their primary role either (although it can be).

Why you need a copywriter

You’re the CEO of a small startup in the fashion industry. After hours of searching for answers on Google, you finally find something that looks promising: copywriting services!

Your first instinct is to hire a content writer and call it done, but as we’ve already covered, this isn’t enough—you need someone who can help create compelling narratives around your brand and products to make them more appealing to customers.

So let’s say you do some research and find out that there are two types of copywriters: content writers who can write blog posts and other short-form pieces (like press releases) and narrative/branding writers who focus on longer-form content like white papers or eBooks.

Website copy

Copywriting is the art of writing content for a website. The goal of good copywriting is to help visitors understand what your business does, why they should care, and how they can contact you with questions or concerns.

Several components make up compelling web copy:

  • Conversational tone – Writing in a conversational tone makes the reader feel like they’re speaking with someone who understands their situation.
    It also helps establish trust between you and your customer before asking for any personal information like credit card numbers or email addresses.
  • Concise length – You want as little text on each page as possible so people can easily find what they need quickly without having to scroll through pages full of filler words (like “and” and “the”).This will also help keep them engaged longer because there won’t be any unnecessary distractions while reading through the text itself.  There will only be important information being communicated from one sentence/paragraph/section onto another one next door!

Copywriting elements to drive sales

Know what you are selling: You must get crystal clear on what you sell, the problem it solves, the benefits to your audience.

Know your audience: you should know about your audience, their needs, expectations, and interests.

Write compelling headlines: an effective headline makes readers curious, elicits an emotional response, establishes authority, and communicates benefits.

Limit readers’ options: you can include CTAs and links to direct your readers to take an action 

Ask for sales: tell your reader to make decisions after telling your stories, introducing your products and their benefits.

Every business needs copy. Need copy? Let’s chat.

Every business needs copy. Most businesses have some need for copy, and some businesses need a lot of copy.

Copywriting is one of the most important parts of any successful business, and if it’s not done well, it can kill a company before they even get off their feet.

Copywriting services is about writing for your audience, but also about writing in a way that sells or persuades or informs or entertains your audience as well as informing them about what you do and what makes you special.

What services does a copywriter provide?

A company with copywriting services provides copies such as Websites, Landing Pages, Brochures, Sales Letters, Ads (online and offline), Press Releases, Blog Posts, Direct Mail, Flyers, Newsletters, Product Packaging, and White Papers.

Six types of modern copywriting services in 2023

PurpleZ offers six main modern copywriting, including:

SEO copywriting: SEO copywriting services helps you have high ranks on search engines, so your audience can find you. Well-written content offers genuine value to end-users while using relevant keywords; on the other hand, poorly written content with spammy SEO gets penalized by the Google algorithm. SEO copywriting can take the form of blog posts, articles, web copy, and product descriptions. It tends to be mixed with other types of copywriting, such as marketing, technical, and more.

Brand copywriting: Brand copywriting services gets you remembered by associating strong feelings with your brand. For this copywriting, we don’t assign the general copywriter. Instead, we use a creative copywriter who knows the business, audience’s needs, and psychology of selling. 

Social media copywriting: Social Media copywriting services engages the audience through entertaining or valuable posts to remember the brand. Social Media copywriting means content distribution on platforms rather than the content itself.

Marketing copywriting: It can be content marketing, building trust by educating the audience; it can be online articles, website copywriting, which creates interest. Marketing copywriting helps you build a credible, attractive website for you to drive traffic to.

Technical copywriting: It acts as a manual/guide for beginners; it solves the audience’s problems and builds trust. User guides, eBooks, in-depth articles are of this kind. 

Thought Leadership Copywriting: Thought leadership copywriting gives insights to the audience to create a strong impression; thought leadership deals with bigger ideas such as the industry’s future. It can be in Articles on LinkedIn or research paper which addresses a more sophisticated audience like CEOs.

Why is copywriting important fo businesses?

Copywriting is essential because it is lucrative, earns a Return On Investment (ROI), and achieves your business goals by convincing your target customer that your product offering will solve their need and offer them value. Copywriting strengthens your brand image.

Statistics on using CTA in Copywriting

According to DSIM, a 45 percent boost is boosted by making CTAs look like buttons. 

47 percent of brands have a clear CTA on their websites.

Studies show that including a CTA on your Facebook page can increase your click-through rate by up to 285 percent. 

56 percent of people have a FOMO on news and events. If you inspire a sense of urgency in your Ads, especially on social media, you get users to act. 

Want the best website copywriting services for your business?

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