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Benefits of OC's #1 Digital Customer Journey Mapping Service

Improved customer experience

Digital customer journey mapping allows businesses to gain an understanding of their customers’ needs and provide personalized experiences that meet their expectations.

Increased engagement

Digital customer journey mapping can help identify areas of customer friction and uncover opportunities to increase engagement and loyalty.

Improved customer retention

By providing an improved customer experience, businesses can improve customer loyalty and retention.

Increased revenue

By providing a better customer experience and more efficient operations, businesses can increase revenue.

What we do

Digital Customer Journey Mapping for Southern California Businesses in 2023

PurpleZ, as a digital customer journey mapping provider in Irvine, develops a UX journey map that helps Southern California small to mid-sized businesses. PurpleZ provides you with customer experiences by tracking and analyzing customer touch points and customer journeys.  We get into your customers’ minds through customer journey mapping. Our most updated analysis tools gather data from websites, emails, and marketing platforms, then let you get insights about customer segments and increase ROI to provide customer experiences. We give you actionable insight that impacts your businesses.

$1000 One Time
  • Number of User Seats: 1
  • Mapping & Tracking
  • Data Visualization
  • Journey Flow Exploration
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • API & Integrations
  • Priority Support
$1500 One Time
  • Number of User Seats: 5
  • Mapping & Tracking
  • Data Visualization
  • Journey Flow Exploration
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • API & Integrations
  • Priority Support
$1875 One Time
  • Number of User Seats: 10
  • Mapping & Tracking
  • Data Visualization
  • Journey Flow Exploration
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • API & Integrations
  • Priority Support
Our goal is to help your companies see their services through customers’ eyes by Customer Journey Mapping. Customers pass through different stages from researching to buying your product and services. We analyze all steps and aspects of customer interactions, understand their goals, identify gaps between what a company delivers and what a customer experiences, gain insights from events leading a customer to the positive result, reduce customer complaints, increase performance and improve customer relationships with the company. We use the most powerful tools for mapping your customers’ journey. PurpleZ CRM, Microsoft Visio and LucidChart.

2023 PurpleZ's Steps to Digital Customer Journey Mapping


Collect audience data

We collect data on audience through websites, social media and talking to customers.


Identify Touchpoints

We analyze the initial touchpoints of your website and other sources such as social media channels.


Take the journey

Before implementing an item, we usually test them ourselves to identify strengths and weaknesses.


Create user personas

We create user persona by analyzing geography, demography, and users’ behaviors.


Analyze journey phases

Customer journey phases include the discovery phase, consideration phase, purchase phase, and retention phase.


Optimize journey map

We track all the journey processes, initial touchpoints during the journey to ensure your great UX with your brand.

Digital Customer Journey Mapping Q&A

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer Journey Mapping is the act of analyzing the customer experience with each touch-point in the user journey. Customer Journey Analysis helps a company see the path of selling its products or services through the lens of customers.

What is the purpose of customer journey mapping?

A customer journey map depicts the customer journey (buyer journey or user journey). It helps you talk about customer’s experiences with your brand across all touchpoints.

What are the advantages of user journey mapping?

It gives you a competitive advantage- We discuss your customers’ experiences, their needs and improve the service.

It increases your revenues- A consistently positive customer experience increases revenues for your company because of customer loyalty.

It brings you greater customer and employee satisfaction.

It reduces costs imposed on brands.

How do we track customer journey from the first to the final touchpoint?

Setting Up The Journey

First, we define the stages in the customer journey for your business using buyer personas. These stages include Awareness, Research, Choose, and, Purchase.

Identifying the Touchpoints

You can monitor the customer journey by mapping touchpoints. The primary touchpoint is the website URLs. We use UTM parameters in your website pages to monitor the source of traffic. Product pages, contact forms, and pricing pages are other forms of touchpoints that Google Analytics can identify. We analyze the customers’ behavior, moving from one page to another, and see if the visitors leave your website in the middle of the customer journey.

Mapping the Customer Journey

By mapping your customer journey, we know exactly where a customer currently is now and where they will go next. We list typical questions, emotions, and needs to help your customers reach their goals.

Monitoring of customers goal achievement 

Using Google Analytics, we check if your customers are achieving their goals on your website. These reports will help you identify the challenges that your customers face during their journey.

Optimizing the Customer Journey

We prioritize the touchpoints and begin optimizing those important for the successful completion of your customer journey. Then we do monitor the customer journey after making the required changes.

Customer journey mapping is a tool that allows you to map out your customer’s journey. It helps you understand what they’re going through and where they get frustrated or confused so that you can improve their experience. A visual representation of your customer’s experiences with your brand is a great way to communicate ideas internally and build consensus around the changes needed to help them succeed.

What is customer journey mapping?

Customer journey mapping visually represents the customer’s experience from awareness to purchase. It helps you identify opportunities for improvement and better understand your customers, which can improve their experience.

The diagram illustrates each stage in the journey, including touchpoints such as website visits, ads they saw on social media or email marketing campaigns they responded to–and even how they might have felt at each point along their path toward making a purchase decision (such as whether they were confused or frustrated).

What are the benefits of customer journey mapping?

  • Better customer experience: The process helps you identify opportunities to improve customer interactions with your brand, making them more enjoyable and memorable.
  • Better business results: By creating a map of how each stage in their journey plays out, you can identify areas where things could go wrong or get stuck. You can then make changes to fix them–for example, by adding extra support or offering incentives for customers who need extra help along the way–and see how these changes affect key metrics like retention rates or conversion rates (the percentage of users who complete an action).
  • Better product development: The tool also helps teams focus on what’s most important when building new products or features by asking questions such as “What does this feature do?” “Who will use it? Why would they use it?” And perhaps most importantly: “How will our users feel when using this feature?”

How can I use customer journey mapping in my business?

Consumer journey mapping is an effective method for enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Also, it’s a terrific technique to enhance your marketing approach and internet visibility.

Understand your customers

Understanding your customers is the first step in creating a digital journey map. This can be done through research, surveys, and interviews.

Once you understand who your customers are, it’s time to get into the details of their lives: What do they like? What do they dislike? How can you make their experience better?

Define the journey

Before you begin mapping your journey, defining the problem is important. What do you want to achieve? What are some concrete goals that can help you get there? 

Once you’ve set clear and achievable goals, it’s time for action! The next step is mapping out where exactly along your path these actions must occur so that all parts of your customer experience work together seamlessly toward those same ends.

Map the journey

A customer journey map visually represents how customers interact with your brand, from awareness to purchase and beyond. This can be used to identify opportunities for improvement in the customer experience.

To create a customer journey map:

  • Create an outline of all the steps involved in the process you’re mapping (e.g., “researching” or “deciding”) and their corresponding emotions, feelings, and motivations behind them. For example:
  • Researching involves gathering information about options available to me at this point; my motivation may be curiosity or finding out if there’s anything better than what I currently use now so that I can make an informed decision about whether or not it would be worth switching over–and if so then how much money will I save by doing so?

Optimize and test

  • Optimize and test. Once you’ve mapped out your customer journey, it’s time to optimize it. This can be done by testing different aspects of the experience against each other–for example, A/B testing different landing pages or sending emails with different messages or CTAs.
  • Measure the results of your tests so you can use them as feedback on how well your digital strategy is working overall and where improvements need to be made to drive more revenue from customers who visit these touchpoints throughout their lifecycle with your brand.*

Better understand and improve their experience.

Customer journey mapping can help you better understand your customers, and improve their experience.

It allows you to:

  • Understand your customers better. You’ll learn more about what they want, what they need, and how they feel about your business. This will allow you to identify opportunities for improvement that were previously hidden.
  • Improve the experience for everyone involved in the customer’s journey (the person themselves, employees, partners, etc.)

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