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PurpleZ Press Release Writing Service is a professional, experienced, and reliable source of press release writing services. We offer our clients access to an experienced team of writers and researchers who can write effective, engaging, and well-researched press releases that get results.


press release writing service


Elements of a Successful Press Release

Your press release should be written clearly, concisely, and engaging. It should also be written in a way that is appealing to your target audience. You must include important information about the company and its products or services to do this effectively.

  • To make your points clear to readers, write in short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Unless absolutely necessary to grasp what you’re trying to communicate (and even then, try to avoid using them), avoid using jargon or technical phrases. If there is any doubt about whether or not something will be understood by your audience without explanation from you first before reading what it says on paper, then it shouldn’t go into this type of document!

Benefits of Professional Press Release Writing


press release writing service


The act of preparing a press release has several advantages. If you write it yourself, you will get a different result than hiring an experienced writer. Here are some of the main reasons why:

  • Increase your company’s visibility by reaching more people with your message. Press releases are sent out over email and social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook so that people can read about what you do in their inboxes or on their mobile devices while waiting for the train or for dinner at home with friends or family members!
  • Gain more credibility by being seen as an expert in your industry who knows what they’re talking about regarding topics related to business news stories worth sharing with others through traditional media outlets such as newspapers/magazines (or even TV stations). This helps build trust among consumers looking into purchasing products/services from companies like yours because they know how much effort went into creating such quality content before publishing anything publicly available online. First of all!

The PurpleZ Advantage

We have a devoted staff of writers and editors that are authorities in their industries, and we have been generating press releases since 2005. We have a group of qualified PR specialists that can assist you with your campaign, and if you also need help with marketing or advertising efforts, we can do that, too!

Our Press Release Writing Process


press release writing service


We start with a consultation to discuss what you’re looking for in your press release. We ask questions about your business, its goals and objectives, and what kind of content would be most effective at helping you reach those goals. Then we write a draft of your press release that includes all the information needed to attract attention from media outlets and boost traffic on social media platforms.

Once we’ve written your draft, we proofread it carefully to ensure no mistakes or typos (you don’t want any embarrassing errors splashed across hundreds of news sites!). Then we distribute it through our network of top-tier distribution partners who reach millions upon millions of readers daily: journalists at newspapers. These blogs follow popular industry influencers on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Tailoring Press Releases for Different Platforms

When you’re writing a press release, it’s important to remember the different platforms you’ll be using it on. Different platforms have different audiences and purposes, so it’s important to tailor your message accordingly.

For example, suppose you’re sending a press release about your new product launch on social media or via email. In that case, there will be different expectations for what information should be included than if you were sending out an announcement about the same event via traditional print media like newspapers or magazines.

Partnering with PurpleZ for Your Media Success


press release writing service


If you need help getting the most out of your press release, we can help. We’ll produce a press release for you, and then we’ll collaborate with you to make sure it reaches the appropriate people at the appropriate time. We’ll also help ensure that your message is delivered clearly and concisely so readers understand what they need to know about your product or service.

PurpleZ has been partnering with businesses since 2005, so we have plenty of experience working with clients from all different industries to create successful campaigns using this medium.

With our press release writing service, we’ve assisted hundreds of clients in reaching their objectives, and we can do the same for you. With our expertise in this field and our commitment to quality workmanship, we’re confident that PurpleZ will be an excellent partner for your media success! Contact us today to request a free consultation!