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Lifestyle Mobile Apps

As a part of custom mobile app development services, lifestyle apps have appeared strong in recent years. It accelerates or supports the individual features that define your lifestyle. Fitness, food, dating, music, and travel fall under this type of app.

Social Media Mobile Apps

Social media apps are the widely used mobile apps. They have to be fun, fast, and continually integrate the expanding features of the social networks they support. Typical social media apps include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Utility Mobile Apps

Utilities are the sort of mobile apps that we don’t notice them. Many of them are pre-installed on your device and serve a single function. Examples are reminders, calendars, flashlights, weather, and more.

Games/Entertainment Mobile Apps

The gaming and entertainment category are massive, and as such, very competitive. These apps are popular among developers because they bring users back multiple times each week, sometimes multiple times per day. Angry Birds, Clash of Clans are the most common games.

Productivity Mobile Apps

These apps help their users accomplish a task quickly and efficiently, making mundane tasks easier, e.g., Docs, Sheets, wallet/ pay.

News/Information Mobile Apps

News and information apps are clear. They provide their users with the news and information they’re looking for in an easy layout that efficiently directs them to the things they care about most; e,g Google News & Weather, Yahoo News Digest, Linkedin Pulse.

What we do

2023 Custom Mobile App Development: Exclusive to Southern California Small Businesses

PurpleZ, as a custom mobile app development agency in Irvine, implements the fastest, reliable, and perfect mobile app development services in different Southern California industries. Our professional developers implement the most updated platforms and software exclusive to your business. They are specialized in Android and iOS. They offer a transparent process and deliver 100% tested apps. Our experts are perfect at Cross-Platform App Development., Backend Computing, Modern Language Programming Skills, and Business Capability.

$5000 One Time
  • UX/UI Design
  • App Development
  • App Icon & Splash Screen Design
  • Data Storage Integration
  • API Integration with Third Party
  • Push Notification Feature
  • Custom Login Feature
  • Offline Mode Feature Implementation
  • Third-Party SDK and Library Integration
$7500 One Time
  • UX/UI Design
  • App Development
  • App Icon & Splash Screen Design
  • Data Storage Integration
  • API Integration with Third Party
  • Push Notification Feature Integration
  • Custom Login Feature Development
  • Offline Mode Feature Implementation
  • Third-Party SDK and Library Integration
$10000 One Time
  • UX/UI Design
  • App Development
  • App Icon & Splash Screen Design
  • Data Storage Integration
  • API Integration with Third Party
  • Push Notification Feature Integration
  • Custom Login Feature Development
  • Offline Mode Feature Implementation
  • Third-Party SDK and Library Integration
Mobile apps help your business stand out with their products and services. They convert visitors into customers and increase sales because customers spend 3 to 4 times longer in mobile apps than on desktops, They create brand loyalty and provide better UI. PurpleZ developers take great steps toward developing mobile apps.

2023 PurpleZ’s Process to develop A Mobile App

Step 1

Generating Idea

This step includes market search, mind mapping, concept testing, and implementing development strategy.

Step 3

Developing the app

This stage includes developing backend technology, APIs, and mobile app frontend.

Step 5

Launching the app

It goes for app store submission, app store approval, backend deployment, and analytics setup.

Step 2

Designing the app

This step includes UX information architecture, wireframing, style guides, and prototyping.

Step 4

Testing the app

This stage includes functional testing, usability testing, performance testing, and device testing.

Step 6

Marketing the app

This step includes app marketing, app store optimization, continuous monitoring, and releasing updates.

The Necessity of Developing a Custom Mobile App Development for Your Ecommerce

custom mobile app development

Developing your eCommerce mobile app is a suggested forward step for E-business especially for those who sell products, small businesses, and startups. The reason behind that is customer buying behavior.

  •         Customers are influenced directly by the other customers’ comments spreading in the social media and internet, like the comments that users post for particular products using Facebook mobile and link the post to the product’s application URL. So, with a lack of a proper mobile app, you will miss the potential customers.
  •         Statistically speaking, while retailers experienced a dramatic fall in their sales, eCommerce with a well-designed webpage or mobile app had growth in their revenue. Moreover, statistics show that people tend to use their cell phones or tablets more than PCs or laptops. It reminds us of the critical effects of custom mobile app development on any business.
  •         As a business owner, it is essential to take steps forward and be up to date consistently. One growth strategy for your business is making it online and considering custom mobile app development and the website UI UX.

The Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development

  •         Custom Mobile app development increases your audience engagement since people are using mobile platforms more than other devices these days.
  •         When it comes to customer journey maps and buying processes, custom mobile app development is a more helpful approach than websites.
  •         With the help of proper push notifications in mobile apps, you can increase customer’s loyalty with a better connection with them. You can inform people of your new launch, trigger the potential customers, motivate them to try new products, and increase your sales.
  •         One of app developers’ tricks is using word-of-mouth marketing and shareable content. With an excellent mobile app, customers themselves raise your audience domain by sharing their reviews.
  •         Using a mobile app helps to increase your brand awareness, directly impacts your revenue.
  •         People who are influenced by influencers in social media-who are not the minority! – like to trace your product or services by using their cellphones. By using mobile marketing, you have a chance to increase your sales.  

The Developing Time of a Mobile App and its Requirements

Generally speaking, custom mobile app development is a three-phase practice. How long the mobile app development takes for each eCommerce differs from the others, depending on in which stage your business needs more energy and time. For example, if you have your business content strategy or not, or if you ask for android app development or cross-platform app development, the time duration is varied.

First of all, the digital marketing company or the custom mobile app development company needs to understand your business strategy or make a new one if you don’t have any. This phase includes interviews with the business owners, finding your goals, discovering your expectations of a mobile app, analyzing the competitors and market, and understanding your target users and their desires.

Then, the app developers start creativity, design, and coding processes. It includes your mobile app UI UX and the backend stage. The app developers use sufficient tests to reach the best result for your mobile app’s both frontend and backend.

Finally, the custom mobile app development company launches the mobile app and monitors the users’ engagements and analytics for releasing future versions and updates of your mobile app.

Implementing the Development Strategy for Your Mobile App

It is crucial to think of your goal and the mobile app USP in developing a mobile app. Since your mobile app reflects your brand reputation, it is essential to have a good custom mobile app development strategy. Your mobile app USP -unique selling propositions- directly impacts the first impression and gives the audience a reason to choose your services or products, among others. So, with a well-planned strategy for custom mobile app development, you can overtake your competitors.

Don’t have any business strategy yet? 

Considering Global Trends for Developing Your Mobile App

Custom mobile app development companies and app developers consider certain aspects which you may neglect as a business owner. App developers are aware that user privacy will be more focused in recent years, and it will be growth in the future. Similarly, they know that mobile apps are going to be more innovative. They adjust mobile apps for wearable devices if needed.

UX Research for Your Ecommerce Mobile App

Your mobile app must function in a way that satisfies most of your audience. It is to say that the mobile app users should be attracted to the application, understand its process quickly, and learn the app function in a few minutes.

Next, have a good interaction with the mobile app, and finally do the tasks, like buying, with fewer efforts in minimum time duration. It is yielded by nothing but good UX research in the app development process.

Need help on your mobile app UI UX?

Developing the Mobile App UI along with Your Ecommerce Brand Identity

The mobile app UI -user interface- includes your mobile app icon, the color, typography, the themes, the layout, and the overall screen that users see when interacting with your mobile app. The more the mobile app UI is user-friendly, the more the users are satisfied with your application.

Moreover, it is essential to your eCommerce reputation to be recognized at first glance at the mobile app by customers. It will prevent your competitors from building a fake mobile app and misusing your brand reputations, and also it will increase your brand reliability.

Backend Computing in Your Mobile App Development

In custom mobile app development, backend development is at a critical level. App developers understand the mobile app’s owner’s goals and organize the application’s logic. Most of the activities you do on a mobile app need to be done on the server side, including the mobile app database. The backend development involves the storage, security, and architecture of the mobile app.

Cross-platform App Development for Your Ecommerce Mobile App

Many business owners ask for an app that does well on any platform, speaking of custom mobile app development. Instead of paying separately for android app development, iOS, or windows, they prefer to have a cross-platform app. The technology is a good choice, especially for small businesses or startups, since they won’t miss users using different devices.

Functionality, Reliability, and Usability Testing of Your Mobile App

Functionality, usability, and reliability tests in the custom mobile app development process are vital to breathing oxygen. Functional tests, assets, how the mobile app process, and the program carried out well and consistently. Reliability testing assures that the mobile app operates with no errors and the application is fault-free.

In custom mobile app development, usability tests analyze the user performances, the efficiency, and the effectiveness of elements in mobile apps. They assess how easy the user understands the tasks and how time-consuming it is doing a specific process.  It also focuses on how the user considers a particular object necessary or valuable in the mobile app.

Launching Your Mobile App

App developers launch your mobile app to convenient online stores. The digital marketing company or the app development company that does the custom mobile app development will inform any potential users that your mobile app was released. Through a few persuasive contents, the company encourages them to download and use the mobile app.

Market Monitoring and Updating Your Mobile App

The custom mobile app development company does not leave you lonely after launching the mobile app. The marketing team observes the market and your mobile app’s efficiency. They analyze the statistics and refer the data to app developers. The app developers gauge the results and use them in the future versions of your mobile app and release the updates.

Anyone can do custom mobile app development, but the point is how the final results will impact your mobile app users and the brand’s reputation. Your competitors wait for a gap to overtake you! There is no time to hesitate if you feel your mobile app needs a technical review or if you have no application yet.

 Let’s develop your eCommerce mobile app right now.


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