Ecommerce Website Development

    OC#1 Ecommerce Website Development Services to Bootstrap your Sales

    Shopping Cart Integration

    A shopping cart integration feature allows eCommerce websites to provide an easy and convenient way for customers to purchase products and services. Also, customers can add items to their shopping carts, view the items in their carts, and purchase them with a secure payment method.

    Magento Ecommerce Website Development

    Magento is an effective and excellent platform for E-commerce business and an open-source platform. Magento’s SEO and powerful marketing tools enable merchants to create websites that provide an unrivaled shopping experience for their customers.

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Magento is an effective and excellent platform for E-commerce business and an open-source platform. Magento’s SEO and powerful marketing tools enable merchants to create websites that provide an unrivaled shopping experience for their customers.

    Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is an important part of eCommerce website development, which helps to ensure that your website will appear higher in search engine results pages, making it more visible to potential customers.

    Mobile Responsive Design

    Mobile responsive design is a must-have feature for any eCommerce website. This feature ensures that your website is optimized for mobile devices, making it easier for customers to navigate and purchase products from your website and ensures that customers have a better user experience when using your website.

    Shopify Ecommerce

    Shopify is a perfect eCommerce platform provider, with more than one million stores and 2.1 million active users. It is designed to help people build their online store with tons of apps.


    Security is an essential feature of eCommerce website development that helps to protect customers’ personal and financial information. Security features such as secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption helps to ensure that all data is transmitted securely and that customers’ information is kept safe.

    Wordpress E-commerce

    WordPress is applicable when building an eCommerce website because there are many premade themes suited to an online storefront. It features plugins that add complete eCommerce functionality to a site, from product display to shopping cart and checkout.

    ECommerce Website Development for Southern California Small Businesses in 2024

    PurpleZ, as a top E-commerce website development company in Irvine, implements the most powerful E-commerce platforms to create a custom website driving valuable results for  Southern California small to mid-sized businesses. In our plan to design a successful e-commerce website, we consider some factors, including return policies, trustworthiness, and customer service. We also take UX and UI design to provide customers with a satisfying experience. Our expert team offers E-commerce management services: importing new products, categories, brands, and suppliers, programming new features, creating and posting ads, eliminating any bugs in the software, managing hosting infrastructure, regular security checks, SEO upgrades, social media marketing plans, full integration with product directories like Google products and Amazon and others.



    $16999 Ideal for small ecommerce sites!
    • Customized Ecommerce website design
    • Up to 10 pages design
    • Responsive design
    • Content management system
    • Product catalog management
    • Payment gateway integration
    • SSL certificate
    • SEO optimization
    • Social media integration
    • 30 days technical support


    $24999 Best for Ecommerce Sites!
    • Customized Ecommerce website design
    • Up to 25 pages design
    • Responsive design
    • Content management system
    • Product catalog management
    • Payment gateway integration
    • SSL certificate
    • SEO optimization
    • Social media integration
    • 60 days technical support
    Contact Us Best for large business models
    • Customized Ecommerce website design
    • Up to 50 pages design
    • Responsive design
    • Content management system
    • Product catalog management
    • Payment gateway integration
    • SSL certificate
    • SEO optimization
    • Social media integration
    • 90 days technical support

    You can make the most out of E-commerce websites as they are convenient, available 24/7, searchable, global, cost-effective for sellers and customers, and don’t require much physical space. To get more benefit from your e-commerce websites, we implement marketing ideas to bootstrap your business.

    2024 PurpleZ’s Strategy to Outstanding Ecommerce Website Development

    Strategy 1


    Our first step is to develop a solid strategy. We’ll work with you to understand your goals, target audience, and unique selling proposition. We’ll also analyze your competitors to see what’s working and what’s not.

    Strategy 3


    Our team of expert developers will bring your design to life. We’ll ensure that your website is fast, secure, and user-friendly. We’ll also integrate any necessary features, such as payment gateways, shipping calculators, and more.

    Strategy 2


    Next, we’ll create a visually stunning design that reflects your brand and resonates with your audience. We’ll ensure that your website is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and optimized for conversions.

    Strategy 4

    Testing and Launch

    Finally, we’ll thoroughly test your website to ensure that everything is working correctly. We’ll also provide training and support to ensure that you’re comfortable using your new website. Once everything is in place, we’ll launch your website and help you promote it.

    What is an E-commerce website?

    An Ecommerce website development project allows firms to sell, promote, and present their products and services without straits to national or international customers. Daytime, nighttime or physical distances are not critical issues in the E-commerce business with the help of E-commerce websites opening 24/7.

    Digital marketing agencies investigate the E-commerce business goals and strategies to provide the proper E-commerce content strategies, the practical E-commerce website domain, the target persona fitted with the E-commerce businesses’ customers, the specific E-commerce website platforms, and the high-quality E-commerce website design.

    Benefits of Ecommerce website development services

    • Designing the E-commerce website user interface, as your business vitrine costs far less than designing the physical store vitrines.
    • Up-grading E-commerce website databases are much more affordable than updating the stores and retailers’ fundamental accounting.
    • E-commerce websites are significantly less time-consuming for sellers than offline businesses to set up, run, and use.
    • E-commerce websites’ branding costs cause lower financial costs than painting and graphic designs for store signs.
    • E-commerce websites are more accessible to users than offline stores.
    • E-commerce business websites are in contact with the vast audience domain throughout the world than instant commerce.
    • E-commerce businesses are open 24/7, which is impossible for offline commerce.
    • E-commerce websites let you manage your business wherever you are, which is not possible in offline commerce.
    • E-commerce business websites provide easier analyzing approaches than offline commerce.


    The name, domain, and the E-commerce platforms

    The more your E-commerce name is concise and original, the more your E-commerce website domain is to the point and thriving through the internet and search engine optimizations. Digital marketing agencies help E-commerce owners play with words and the brand’s names to build a brief domain and find good E-commerce platforms fitted with your E-commerce product or your E-commerce business services.

    Content strategies of the E-commerce websites

    At the beginning of the Ecommerce website development projects, designers should consider a content strategy based on the E-commerce business products or services. The target users of the Ecommerce website development project play a remarkable role in the devised content strategies. Videos, photos, infographics, written content, and a combination of them must not be used by chance on your E-commerce website; they should be used by a planned strategy instead.

    Let’s plan your E-commerce Content

    The speed of E-commerce websites

    In terms of speed, E-commerce website development business, web pages must consider two important things. The first one is how fast your E-commerce website is loading. Second, the developers must consider the load time when using videos, images, or other types of content on the E-commerce web page.

    Second, the UX designer should create an easy understanding structure for the E-commerce website since your audience tends to find their needs as quickly as a flash. No matter how much you pay on other aspects of the marketing for E-commerce, the website speed of your E-commerce business plays a critical role when a user interacts with your E-commerce website.

    The user sitemap of E-commerce websites

    Regardless of the type of your E-commerce business or the E-commerce platforms, the user sitemap is an option providing a good outlook of the E-commerce website’s structure for your E-commerce audience and the developers.  Anyone can find the categories and subcategories of your products, your services, or your E-commerce website contents with a glance at the user sitemap page of your E-commerce website. Whether it is a Magento E-commerce, a WordPress E-commerce, or a Shopify Ecommerce website development, the hierarchical structure for any E-commerce website should be less than three levels to be as simple as possible.

    Get your sitemap

    The E-commerce website structure

    Regardless of your eCommerce website development and UX prospects, the structure of E-commerce business’ websites is essential in SEO and the marketing for E-commerce. The E-commerce website design gives the google search engines a clue about your E-commerce content, product, or services. The E-commerce webpage’s structure helps Google to understand what you sell or provide for your E-commerce website in the related results. Your Ecommerce website development relations with the other E-commerce business is another critical issue for Google.

    The external and internal links in the E-commerce websites

    Creating sufficient links from your E-commerce website to your affiliate programs, your online store partners, and your other E-commerce pages of the website is a deceptive practice. It helps Google know more about services in your E-commerce website and products —using such related links in your Ecommerce website development project yielding to appear faster than your competitor’s websites.

    The target audience personas in the E-commerce websites

    To have a high-quality Ecommerce website development process, detecting the target demographics, audiences’ specific needs, priorities and desires, mindsets, lifestyles, and thoughts is essential. Then, with accurate personas, E-commerce content, the products and their features, and the Ecommerce website development design, you can motivate your Ecommerce audience to do something and turn out to be your loyal customers.

    Using customers’ reviews and comments in your Ecommerce website development triggers your audience and invokes them to buy, helping them to confide in your E-commerce website as well. Likewise, a relevant ad campaign may tempt your audience to reshare your content, follow your E-commerce business news and buy your products.

    The Ecommerce website development design is one of your Ecommerce fate-determination factors. Similarly, it is essential to employ a specific E-commerce strategy, use a relevant marketing campaign and a good E-commerce platform. So, here we help you with your E-commerce website and the marking for your E-commerce.

    Want to market your E-commerce business?  Contact us Online or call us at +1 (800) 213-7303


    • Custom Ecommerce website design
    • Responsive design
    • Number of pages designed
    • Content management system
    • Product catalog management
    • Payment gateway integration
    • SSL certificate
    • SEO optimization
    • Social media integration
    • Customized checkout
    • Product search functionality
    • Discount/coupon codes
    • Order tracking functionality
    • Technical support
    • Custom development hours


    • Up to 10
    • 30 days
    • N/A


    • Up to 25
    • 60 days
    • Up to 10


    • Up to 50
    • 90 days
    • Up to 20

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    “We have a great business relationship with PurpleZ. We had worked with several other marketing companies in the Los Angeles area in the past who didn't deliver results and I'm happy to say PurpleZ is doing that. They help bring our vision to life in a way that makes sense.”

    Melanie Archer

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    “Talk about going above and beyond what we asked for and then a true partner, a professional team to satisfy all our needs taking the time to explain every strategy that was implemented. Great job, couldn't have made a better choice to handle our marketing!”

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    “PurpleZ has been instrumental in helping us build an incredible lead generating machine. Everyone at PurpleZ that I’ve met has been extremely helpful, using their experience to navigate a clear path to a successful digital marketing plan.”

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    Full Service Marketing Services

    “My success would not have been possible without Purplez's service. Their assistance, direction, and encouragement were invaluable. And as a result, we have seen a significant rise in the quality and quantity of our leads.”

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    Full Service Marketing Services

    Choosing PurpleZ as our marketing partner was a game-changer for Invicta PCs. Their innovative strategies and creative approach have not only enhanced our brand visibility but also significantly boosted our sales. As the owner of Invicta PCs, I'm thoroughly impressed with the results and the exceptional service provided by the PurpleZ team.

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