A three-step Copywriting method to Convert your readers to customers

In terms of the website, email, or social media copywriting, people tend to skim and scan the Copy instead of thoroughly reading it. The copywriter should persuade the audience to read the copy, then do an action and purchase. To change people’s behaviors, we need to meet three parallel factors suggested by Fogg, a behavior scientist.

In this blog, we discuss these factors and their applications in copywriting. What’s more about behavior?


1. Copywriters should use products’ benefits as motivators

A well-written copy is the one that tells the readers how their life would change if they had the product. People may imagine themselves with the product and compare the state with their current situation without it. Therefore, it is essential, in website copywriting, for example, to highlight the advantages that readers will obtain in the case of purchasing the product.


Take benefits apart from features in website copywriting

Copywriting is not only about the firms and factories, but also, it aims to notify the readers about the advantages of possessing the products or services. A copywriter must avoid listing the product features rather than listing the users’ benefits(Patel, n.d.). For example, suppose you are writing about a sustainable cream, you’d better note “your skin will be safe from wrinkling” instead of “it prevents wrinkled skin.”


2. Good social media copywriting makes the process of reading, visualizing, believing, and acting easy!

Regardless of the type of copywriting, like social media or PPC, the more value the customer will obtain in return for their money, the more they are motivated with your writing! Your copy must target the specific benefits in the most apparent way since, How fast people get the point directly impacts their purchasing behavior and loyalty! Thus, soaring the process initially from the very moment of looking at the copy to doing an action will lead to purchasing instead of scanning! UX designers could boost the process as well. Want to know more about UX design? Sure, why not?!


Gaining the audiences’ confidence with apparent routine experiences

To make the audience feel confident in the content, use a short-realistic storytelling sentence instead of fantasy copywriting. Using a persona based on your target group demographics will provide better emotional links with your copy readers. Free consultation on designing the persona for your website copywriting? Yes, please!


Leading the skimming readers to the action buttons with persuasive copywriting through headings!

Since almost 80% of copywriting audience scan the text instead of reading the body (Nielsen, 1997), Spending nearly 80% of the copywriters’ time on headings leading to persuade the audience to the ultimate action buttons like “order now to save your time!”; even though, they had not read the whole body. Do you need any copywriting services?


3. Copywriting with the help of humankind’s emotions as triggers to click the leading CTAs!

Whether you are doing SEO copywriting or not, it is critical to consider the readers’ feelings to invoke them to do the final actions like clicking on “buy now!” Or “book now!”. According to the Fogg model, the right trigger will diversify user behavior whenever the last two steps are met(Agha, Tollefson, Paul, Green, & Babigumira, 2019). The point is which kind of emotions, a feeling of stress, fear, shame, or greed, is the best choice to consider in PPC copywriting.

Suppose that you are doing social media copywriting for a sleep products company. What would you have used as the persuasive CTAs? “Wanna sleep more with our products? test your chance!” or “have you ever been an early bird? Wanna be the happiest? Try our pillows!”. Do they both sound great to you? If yes, you need more practice on your copywriting skills. If you don’t have enough time, you can hire an agency providing copywriting services to survive the website Copy. Need a free survival consultant for copywriting? Sure, let’s do it now!



A persuasive Copywriting must simultaneously provide sufficient motivations, easy ways to understand the benefits of products and services, and finally, the most suitable triggers to invoke peoples to change their mind from reading and searching to trying and buying.


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