How to Write Social Media Copy That Sells Like Crazy!

Some fall into the trap of using the same content for social media that you’ve already written for your blog or website. The appeal is understandable, as you’ve already reviewed and corrected it for any grammar or spelling errors. But when sharing content on social media, your audience is often just one click away from being completely distracted by another piece of shiny content. That means they’ll move on without reading a single word if they don’t find what you’re sharing relevant or compelling enough to read through in their newsfeeds—where we should be aiming most of our attention anyway.

The Power of Social Media in Marketing

Marketing through social media can help you effectively communicate with your intended audience, promote brand recognition, and ultimately increase your sales and business growth. Additionally, social media marketing provides an opportunity for you to personally engage with potential customers, allowing you to know their interests and preferences, which can inform your future business decisions.

Understanding Your Target Audience

The first step to writing social media copy that sells like crazy is understanding your target audience. It also means having a good idea of their speech, age group, etc.

Your target audience should consist of product or service type that you sell because different demographics will respond differently to cert and marketing strategies. For example: if I am selling luxury handbags, then my target audience would likely be women aged 25-50 years old; however, if I was selling fitness products, then my ideal customer might be men aged 35-45 years old who enjoy exercising at the gym five times per week!

Setting Clear Objectives


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Setting clear objectives is one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign, and it’s especially crucial when writing social media copy.

So ask yourself: what are your goals? Do you want more followers, likes, shares, and comments? How will having more engagement help achieve those goals?

Crafting Compelling Headlines

If you’re like most people, your social media posts are more visual than text-based. That’s why headlines are so important: they’re the first thing people see and help draw them into your content.

The headline should be concise, short, and relevant to what follows to make it more compelling (and easier for people who skim). To increase the visibility of your post, it’s important to incorporate relevant keywords that are related to your topic. This will enable people to find your post easily when they search for information about those specific keywords. And finally…make sure it’s engaging enough so readers want more from you–and if all else fails, try adding some cute emojis at the end 😉

Captivating Introductions

Introductions are important for all types of writing, and they’re especially crucial for social media posts because they set the tone for your content. The reader should tell if they want to continue reading as soon as they see what you have written in your opening sentence–and if it needs to be more interesting, then chances are that person won’t read any further! The goal here is for readers who come across your post online (on Facebook or Twitter) or in their inboxes (from email newsletters) to feel compelled enough by what you’ve written that they click through immediately rather than scrolling past without taking action.

Captivating introductions should be short but informative, relevant but engaging, and interesting without being too “salesy.” Here are some examples:

Test your Copy and Make Any Changes Necessary.

To guarantee that your social media content succeeds, it’s important to gauge its performance through analytics. If you find that certain elements are underperforming, it may be worth exploring modifications to enhance the overall effectiveness of the material. Don’t be afraid to try out different copy and visuals to determine what resonates most with your audience.

Incorporating Visual Elements


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Incorporating visual components can be an effective strategy to enhance the appeal and retention of your social media posts. Additionally, they can boost engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. To integrate visuals into your social media content, consider the following tips:

  •   Use images that complement the copy or show the product in action (e.g., a picture of someone wearing an outfit). This will help readers associate an image with what they’re reading about–and make them more likely to buy something they see in a photo!
  •   Include links directly within images so people can easily click through immediately without leaving Facebook/Instagram, etc. This will increase engagement with potential customers because it’s no longer just about reading but also interacting with others online by clicking on links provided by companies themselves rather than relying solely upon organic traffic from search engines like Google & Bing, which may not always provide accurate results due to poor quality content being published daily across all platforms available today worldwide.”

Crafting Engaging Calls-to-Action (CTAs)


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Call-to-action (CTA) refers to a button or link on your website or landing page, which leads users through the sales funnel. CTA buttons are used by businesses to prompt visitors into taking action, such as downloading an ebook, signing up for an email list, or making a purchase.

In social media marketing, CTAs are also important because they allow you to direct users toward your desired outcome in an effective way. The best way to do this is by creating engaging CTAs that encourage people to act and convert into customers!

Embracing Social Proof

Individuals tend to follow the actions of others due to the psychological phenomenon known as social proof. This phenomenon is appealing to people as it provides a sense of comfort when making decisions, particularly when they are uncertain about what to do.

Social media is all about sharing your brand’s story and encouraging engagement from your audience. But if you need your audience to engage with social media, then it’s important that they feel confident enough to feel comfortable buying from you or taking action on any given post. Social proof will help them do just that!

Applying Effective Copywriting Techniques

The first step to writing social media copy that sells is to write it in a way that your audience can understand. To do this, you’ll want to use short sentences and paragraphs. People are busy and need more time for long-winded explanations or elaborate stories about what you’re selling them. If they need help to understand what benefits your product offers quickly and easily, then there’s no reason they should buy it from you over someone else who makes the same claim but uses fewer words!

Secondly, try using active rather than passive voice when describing your product or service offerings on social media sites. Active voice means using verbs such as “do” rather than “is” for people reading what they say to sound more powerful – which makes sense since we’ve already established how important power comes into play here! Plus, if someone wants something done right away, their first instinct would be to go after someone who seems capable enough based on their experience with past interactions between both parties involved.”

Optimizing Copy for Mobile Users


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It’s important to consider that many people access social media on their mobile devices, so when crafting your posts, remember to make your copy concise and to the point.

  •   When presenting information, consider using bullet points instead of lengthy paragraphs. Additionally, if you have an extensive amount of text, it may be beneficial to break it up into smaller, more manageable sections with the use of subheadings or emphasized text. This will enable readers to quickly access the information they require without the need to read everything in its entirety.
  •   Don’t forget to make sure that your font size is large enough for people who are using their phones or viewing from a desktop computer. Sometimes, it’s easy to accidentally make the text too small, so double-check before publishing.
  •   Using emojis can add personality to your writing, while also providing visual cues about the tone of your message. For example, if you’re promoting an upcoming party or event at your business, include an emoji.


How Long Should Social Media Copy Be?

When it comes to social media, the length of your copy should vary depending on the platform. For instance, Twitter posts should be concise and straightforward, while Facebook posts can afford to be a bit more extensive. What matters most, though, is that your social media copy stays on topic and centered around a primary idea, no matter which platform you’re writing for.This ensures that readers stay focused on relevant information that might otherwise confuse them or make them lose interest in reading further (which could result in fewer clicks!).

Want to find out how long something should be before it gets too long for its good? Try using a tool like Hemingway Editor or Textio–these programs will analyze text from both sides of the spectrum: too short vs. too long! Press the Tab to write more…

Why is Social Media Copy Important?

Crafting social media copy can help expand your brand and boost sales. Choosing the perfect words can ignite a sense of excitement in potential customers. Even if writing isn’t your forte, it’s still possible to create compelling content for your audience.

  •   Social media copy is important because it helps build trust with your audience. When people trust what they see in their newsfeeds or timelines (or wherever else), they’re more likely to take action on whatever message you’re sending them: sharing it with friends, buying something from your store, visiting another page of yours on Facebook or Instagram; etcetera.
  •   It also gives potential customers more reasons not only why they should buy something but also why now! If someone clicks “Shop Now” but isn’t sure whether or not they want whatever item being sold at that moment after reading some compelling content surrounding said product, then chances are good that sales will increase exponentially.*


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Crafting effective social media posts can be a game-changer in terms of engaging your desired audience and boosting your sales. By implementing the suggestions put forth in this piece, you can generate social media content that is incredibly persuasive.

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