What are the 5Ps of Sales and marketing?

Sales and Marketing strategy is a plan for reaching and converting the target audience into loyal customers.


Product is defined as products and services offered by a business. Companies need to consider the key features, benefits, needs and wants of customers when thinking about products.


Price is called a pricing strategy for products and services.
Pricing decisions include discounts, any price-matching services offered, and credit terms.


Promotion includes items such as sponsorships, advertising, and public relations activities. Social media platforms and high-authority websites are good choices for promotion.


Place decisions are related to distribution channels and ways of getting the product to targeted vital customers. It is important to consider product or services accessibility.


People refer to those who work with the business. They center around customers service.

The power of sales and marketing alignment

For B2B companies, aligning a sales and marketing strategy is pivotal in achieving revenue goals. The combination of sales and marketing generated 208% more revenue than other marketing efforts. Further, businesses can benefit from sales and marketing strategy, such as getting the best-qualified leads, better engagement, having accurate buyer personas, better feedback, going beyond the competition, and increasing revenues.

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Why should I hire PurpleZ?

PurpleZ, as a robust Sales and Marketing Agency in Irvine, implements marketing strategies to increase your sales and businesses. We integrate and document both sales and marketing for the best results. First, we document your sales and marketing strategy plans separately and then together.

To document your sales plan, we evaluate how well your sales process engages prospects best and directs them to the purchase path with your strategic goals, ideal customer, and the buying journey.

To document your marketing plan, we evaluate and document your Marketing process from setting goals, identifying your audience to creating content, and marketing them.

To document Document Your Sales and Marketing Strategy, we plan to create and test messages and tactics, align across channels, and continually refine the approach to achieve better results. By integrating a sales and marketing strategy, we can clarify each team’s role and responsibilities.

Statistics on sales and marketing

According to Stats cited by Zoominfo
Companies with an aligned sales and marketing strategy experience a 36% greater customer retention rate.
Sales and marketing strategy alignment can ease your company 67% better at closing deals.
Businesses with a robust sales and marketing strategy alignment achieve a 20% yearly growth rate.
Companies with poor sales and marketing strategy alignment have a 4% revenue drop.
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