What is Search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing promotes a website by increasing its presence in search engine results pages (SERPs).
SEM generates real growth for your business, and our search engine marketing services make that happen, driving leads and valuable sales to your business. Then you can outrank, outshine, and outperform your competitors.

What do SEM services include?

SEO services

As a core component of SEM services, SEO helps generate traffic, brand awareness, and revenue. SEO helps you for better visibility on Google.

Content marketing

It provides clients with any content and content marketing services they need. This SEM service raises brand awareness and revenue for your business.

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PPC Services

It skyrockets sales and revenue with targeted online paid ads. It is a must for businesses seeking to drive immediate sales.

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What are the critical concepts of SEM?

Search engines

Search engines are the backbone of the digital marketplace, acting as gateways between businesses and their potential customers. Understanding how search engines rank websites is crucial for online success. This involves staying abreast of their ever-evolving algorithms and trends. As search engines update their criteria for ranking, it’s vital for marketers to adapt their strategies accordingly. This dynamic landscape requires continuous learning and adjustment to maintain or improve a website’s visibility and relevance.


Keywords are the foundation of search engine queries. When users type these terms into a search engine, they are looking for specific information, products, or services. The relevance of these keywords to your content determines how easily potential customers can find your website. It’s important to conduct thorough keyword research to understand the terms your target audience is using. Optimizing your content with the right keywords can lead to higher visibility in search engine results, directly impacting your website’s traffic and potential for conversion.

URL Selection

The structure of your URLs can significantly influence how search engine-friendly your website is. URLs that incorporate relevant keywords can provide an edge, especially for online businesses. For example, an online store benefits greatly when its URL succinctly describes its products or services, making it easier for search engines to understand and rank the site. Clear, descriptive URLs not only help with search engine optimization (SEO) but also improve user experience by providing a clear idea of the webpage content before clicking.

Text ads

Text ads are a fundamental component of online advertising, often used alongside shopping ads. They typically consist of a headline, a display URL (which can be customized), and a brief description. These ads are designed to be concise yet informative, capturing the user’s attention and encouraging them to click through to the website. Effective text ads are not only well-written but are also optimized with relevant keywords, making them more likely to appear in search engine results and attract the right audience.


Backlinks, or inbound links from other websites, are a critical factor in establishing the credibility and authority of your website. Search engines view backlinks from reputable and relevant sites as endorsements, improving your site’s perceived value and trustworthiness. The quality of backlinks often matters more than quantity; getting links from authoritative, industry-related websites can significantly boost your SEO rankings. However, it’s important to avoid artificial link-building tactics as these can lead to penalties from search engines. Search engines pay attention to backlinks.

Google tools

Google AnalyticsSitemaps, and product research are essential tools that you can use to monitor the performance of your website and get valuable information. Product research tools can be instrumental in understanding market trends and customer preferences. Leveraging these tools is vital for gaining a competitive edge and effectively presenting your business in the online marketplace. Keeping track of your website’s performance and adapting to the insights provided by these tools can significantly contribute to your business’s online success.

The value of SEM services

Highly qualified traffic: Generating organic traffic can be complicated and lengthy, and results are seen over a long time. SEM allows us to accelerate traffic and draw users to our website.

Visibility: Being displayed in the top positions of search engines, even without users’ clicks, makes our brand intertwined with specific needs.

Conversion rate: The ultimate goal of Google Ads and other search engine marketing tools is to enhance our business results. To do end, we create optimized landing pages to convert readers to potential users.

Optimally using budget: One of the significant advantages of SEM is you can invest with a minimum budget. If your brand is growing, you can enhance the investment and complexity of your campaigns to keep growing.
As you only pay if you get results, you ensure that the budget is used to the full benefit. 

PPC in SEM services

The PPC element helps your business earn value in search engine results while implementing an SEO strategy in our SEM services. With PPC, your company can advertise products, services, and promotions with engaging ad copy and conversion-driving landing pages.

PPC benefits

High ROI

For companies with high competition, the ROI (Return on investment) can be very high on costly PPC ads. Our experienced search engine marketing experts are masters at identifying keywords and phrases with a bit of money because the return will be more probable.

Online exposure

PPC ads increase your overall online exposure. Even without any ad clicks, they still see your brand name. PPC is a perfect way to ensure that search engine users become familiar with your services — even if they don’t intend to buy immediately.

Easily updated

Having been managed by SEM experts like our Google Ads certified specialists, PPC ads are easy to change based on trends. They can be adjusted, removed, and restarted whenever you like.

PPC management

With a leading search engine marketing company, your ads will be managed by our specialists, who know how to provide professional SEM services to your clients. Our team reviews your ad performance regularly, makes changes as needed, or consults you to determine the best course of action. Our team reports monthly Ad performance and makes recommendations for future budget changes.
We will discuss additional keyword recommendations with you or any changes to your website that may help your ads outperform.

SEO in SEM services

As the second component of search engine marketing, SEO refers to optimizing your website so that it ranks organically—or without a considerable investment— at the top of search engines for the most relevant keywords.

SEO benefits

Increased website traffic

One of SEO’s benefits is that it can drastically raise your website traffic. By optimizing your pages to outrank in search engines, you’ll have more traffic to your website pages because users see them at the top of the results pages.

Increased conversion rate

The more people on your website, the more visits your products and services will get. Increasing conversion means increasing visits to your website by engaging them.

Increased revenue every year

After implementing SEM implements your campaign, you can expect an increase in revenue in a year.
You can use SEO and PPC ads to ensure your site is at the top of Google search results. Whether they click on an ad or an organic search link, they will visit your website.

How are my PPC ads and SEO managed?

Both PPC and SEO are primary components of SEM services; In PurpleZ, as a part of our SEO and PPC plans, you receive:

From SEO

  • Dedicated account manager
  • On-page, off-page, and technical SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Lead and revenue tracking
  • Competitor analysis and monitoring
  • Regular reporting
  • SEO strategy

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From PPC

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising
  • Lead and revenue tracking
  • Regular reporting
  • PPC strategy
  • Ad campaign copywriting
  • Performance testing
  • Ongoing keyword development

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Why choose PurpleZ for SEM services?

SEM services are a great way to get traffic quickly, leads, and sales for your business without investing too much time or money upfront. SEM Services can help you grow your business acceleratedly without sacrificing quality work.

We use the top SEM experts, so your campaign gets results from the get-go.

Our SEM experts are some of the best in the business. With years of experience, they can use their expertise to optimize your campaigns and get you results from day one. Our team knows how to use the right tools, too—our proprietary software allows us to dig deep into your data to give you comprehensive reports and recommendations that will help you grow your business.
In addition, our track record speaks for itself: We’ve worked with over 50 brands across all industries, including restaurants and retail stores like Coffee & Books Cafe or Bi-Rite Market.

We’ve handled thousands of dollars in ad spending and know how to anticipate results and budgets.

When you work with us, you’re working with experts. We have a proven track record for handling successful SEM campaigns, and we’ve done so for hundreds of companies at all budget levels. We know what it takes to be effective and understand how to estimate budgets and results.
We take the time needed to forecast your ROI before you start spending money on ads & use our proprietary software and industry-standard tools like Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner to help determine your target audience, then build out an appropriate ad strategy that will reach them while keeping costs under control.

We are fully transparent – our reports tell you everything that happens along the way.

You will be able to see precisely what we do, how much it costs, and whether or not it works. We don’t hide anything from our clients.
We show them exactly how we work, so they understand why their campaigns are successful. We believe in total transparency without any hidden fees or unexpected charges at the end of the month. That is why our accounts department is always there to help with any questions!

Our SEM services will help you dominate your competitors!

Our SEM services will help you dominate your competitors!
We are the best in the business. Our proven track record has helped us become an industry leader in search engine marketing. We’re the only agency that can guarantee you’ll beat out your competitors by targeting relevant keywords to increase traffic consistently.
Our SEM services have helped many companies grow their businesses and dominate the market. Looking for a way to boost your ROI? Look no further than our monthly SEM services. We can help you run ads that convert visitors into customers in no time. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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