What is UX Design Services?

In recent years, UX design has become the leading element of eCommerce platforms with new internet shopping behaviors.
UX design services provided by PurpleZ, means creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. The process involves research, prototyping, testing, and analysis to ensure a product meets the user’s needs.

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ux design services

Why is User Experience Design Important?

User experience design is an important part of any website or app, as it provides a better user experience and increases the chance of conversion.

It makes your site more intuitive for users because it focuses on how people think about their actions rather than how computers work. For example: users who have a good experience with your product are more likely to return later than those with poor experiences (and hence spend more time on your site.

Advantages of Considering User Research and UX Design

  • Fulfilling customers’ desires, boosting sales.
  • Improving user engagement and interaction with the website or product, enhancing sales.
  • Targeting customers’ exact needs, reducing customer service costs, and boosting revenue.
  • Focusing on products’ usability and improves functionality and user interaction. That brings loyal customers and increased revenue.
  • Using a prototype prevents relaunching with poor UX. You can improve weak points before launching. It decreases human resource costs. 

What is the Difference Between UX Design and UI Design? 

UX design focuses on the user experience and how the product functions. UI design focuses on the look and feel of the product, including the visuals, layout, and interactivity.

How Long Does it Take to Create a UX Design?

The length of time it takes to create a UX design depends on the product’s complexity and the user’s needs. Generally, the process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Stakeholder Interview and Competitive Analysis

Interviewing stakeholders directly affects the project’s outcome in UX design services and user research. Without clear information about the stakeholders’ strategies, the designer may misunderstand the firms’ desires. Analysis helps the user researchers easily collect the design parameters and find successful and unsuccessful patterns. It makes UX guidelines and requirements clear. 

Human-Centered Design

UX designers use human-centered design to make a product fit human needs. It faces ergonomic dimensions and user desires and investigates the quality of user interactions with the product.
In this approach, the end-user will be the focus of the designing process. The first example is designing a website’s UI to change its brightness with the nighttime and daytime. The second example is creating a responsive website’ UX that changes with the user’s devices.  

User Persona

Depending on various needs, UX designers imply several methods to plan, design, and test the concepts. Typically, the designers use a fictional character as a persona. They choose persona based on the primary target group of eCommerce. Next, they focus on the character’s needs, desires, behaviors, and skills. Then designers make the UI UX based on the persona’s priorities.

Writing User Stories

Designers write user stories to uncover how the end-users think and use the product in the ideation phase. Researchers put their feet in the persona’s shoes. Then, they write about their needs. It helps designers to investigate the probable distraction features that lead to the unfulfillment of tasks. User stories may be an inspiration for making a user journey map for UI UX designers.

User Journey Mapping

UX designers may use a visualized timeline, including a series of user experiences, called a customer journey map. To prevent errors during usage, designers employ this method in the UX design services process.

Card Sorting in Ideation

UX designers use card sorting as an affordable method to design the information architect of the website. Card sorting helps build your website’s UX structure, labeling the categories labels and the UI UX of the homepage.


UX designers make wireframes to visualize user interactions and UI interactions. Wireframing clarifies the positions of some features like buttons, menus, or calls to action. It clarifies how users find buttons, use, or neglect them. Sketching and drafting are sufficient for a design procedure wireframe to indicate the user’s interactions with the website.

Prototyping User Experience and Testing Feedback

UX designers analyze the UX prototype with a sample group of target users before launching the ultimate product. Testing the prototype and getting feedback decreases the chance of launching unfulfillment products in the marketplace. It helps to enhance user experiences, increase word of mouth, and boost sales.

Qualitative Usability Testing and Bug Review

UX designers pay attention to users’ sentiments, simplicities, and user experience during and after usage. Designers track the usability outcomes over time, analyze them, and improve the bugs. They update your application or website effortlessly.

Some firms may find User research unnecessary. It leads to redesigning the product and relaunching it. They lose their money, market share, and their brand reputation. 

UX design services help you update your products instead of redesigning them. You can conquer your rivals if you consider user research and UX design services. 

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