User Engagement Video Services by PurpleZ

Creating user engagement videos can be a powerful tool to foster customer loyalty and interest in your product. These videos can serve multiple purposes: training, onboarding, and marketing. Discover all you need to know about user engagement videos and their functionality through this detailed guide. With the insights provided, you can create your videos for your business.



How to use video to engage your users

Video can be beneficial for your business:

  • By Demonstrating how simple it is to use your product or service, you may increase client retention.
  • By giving customers a tour of the features that matter to them the most and illustrating how they interact with each other to raise customer happiness.
  • By developing a personal connection with your audience through personalized content that speaks to their wants and interests and demonstrates the consideration you put into every engagement with them (even if it’s just answering one question), you may increase client loyalty. As a result, people feel as though they know you well enough to continue hanging out with you, which gradually creates trust.

How to make a user engagement video

A user engagement video can be produced in one of two ways. Both the first and second methods involve using a video editing tool or software.

Choose an app like iMovie or Adobe Premiere Elements, available for free on most operating systems. Your workflow will be similar to what it would be if you were using more comprehensive programs but without all their advanced features. For example, You’ll still have access to basic audio mixing capabilities (such as adding music), transitions between clips/scenes, and titles/credits at the beginning of each scene; however, there won’t be any advanced compositing options available for creating visual effects such as motion graphics templates inside of these programs yet since they’re limited by their technical capacity compared against other more powerful editing tools out there today such as Avid Media Composer – which requires buying extra hardware components before being able to use any plugins installed onto them separately from its main program itself!

What is user engagement?

For instance, you could keep tabs on how frequently users open your app or visit your website, how long they dwell on each page, how frequently they share it with others, whether they sign up for any new features or services the app offers (like email newsletters), whether they choose to receive push notifications from you, etc.



Types of user engagement videos

  • How-to films are excellent for teaching people how to carry out particular tasks, such as creating an account or downloading an app.
  • Product tours: These can be used as marketing material for products that you’re selling on your website, but they also work well as tutorials in general.
  • Product demos: As the name implies, these videos showcase the functionality of various products (or services) in action so viewers can see what it does before making any decisions about whether or not they want one themselves.
  • User testimonials: People love hearing other people’s experiences with products before buying them themselves because it helps give context about how well something might work out for them personally (and if there are any downsides).

User engagement videos are a great way to get your customers invested in your product. User engagement videos can be used for customer success, onboarding, and sales.


User engagement videos are a great way to get your customers invested in your product. They can help people understand the benefits of using your product or even give them an idea of what it’s like before buying it.