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and Community Management

Customer Support & Success

We know exactly how to provide regular and creative content and visuals to improve your customer support and make them comfortable and enthusiastic about coming to you.

Generate Ideation & Creativity

PurpleZ provides you with complete and creative information and ideations. We also help you create a place where your target audience can share their feedback about your products and services.

Acquisition and Advocacy

We are experts in finding ways that allow you to connect with the customers who are most engaged in your business, including your leads, brand advocates, and brand ambassadors.

Content Creation & Programming

Our other service type is programming and creating a great content strategy for your customers, fans, and followers. Our goal is to find a unique method to make a massive success on your social media campaigns.

Increase Customers’ Engagement

We improve brand awareness while creating strong relationships with the business’s fans, customers, and followers. With our experience in powerful social media marketing, we are capable of creating an engagement community management.


2021 Campaign and Community Management for Southern California Small Businesses

As a top-notch marketing agency that is an expert in campaign and community management in Irvine, Orange County, PurpleZ helps small businesses create powerful social media marketing. We are one of the bests in ads management in Southern California. Based on your main marketing goals and tone of voice, we create a social media calendar to help us know when and how to distribute and promote social media campaigns. We do analyze and optimize results to determine how social media marketing performs. We are experts in social media strategy on every social platform with effective and engaging design and content.

By applying powerful campaign and community management on various social media platforms such as Facebook campaign manager, LinkedIn campaign manager, Instagram campaigns, we help corporations improve their brand’s awareness, increase website traffic, make a better customer relationship and provide better customer service. We provide you with the data, information, education that you should apply to grow your business. We are specialized in understanding your marketing goals, finding your perfect customers, and creating ways to engage them with valuable and creative content and visuals.

Purplez’s Steps to Campaign and Community Management

Step 1

Find Competitions

Our first important step is to find your competition, their goals, and strategy to figure out what would make your social media strategy unique.

Step 3

Choose Perfect Content Strategy

In this step, we consider which content strategy is perfect for your business and find the best social media platforms to promote your business.

Step 5

Promote Social Media Posts

We promote social media posts and content on various platforms to make their chances higher to be visited by your actual customers to increase sales and traffic.

Step 7

Take Care of Crisis Management

In this step, if we find any problems with customer service, campaigns, promotion, or other vulnerable parts, we fix them with our professional experience and knowledge

Step 2

Create Social Media Strategy

PurpleZ considers your business goals and target audience to make a professional strategy that is engaging and unique for your possible customers.


Create a Social Media Calendar

With the best social media analysis tools and marketing experts, we analyze your social media strategies and optimize them regularly to make better results.

Step 6

Measure Results

Our next step is analyzing and measuring the results to figure out what customers like to see on social media and find their errors to optimize them.

7 PurpleZ’s Steps to Planning a Social Media Campaign in 2021

Organizing and strategizing your campaign in advance is crucial to a successful campaign.

PupelZ tactics to establish a social media marketing campaign

Intending to increase engagement, lead generation, and sales, PurpleZ utilizes our social media marketing services as part of an integrated strategy.

Establish your campaign’s objectives

Social media campaigns usually aim to accomplish the following:

  • Rising brand recognition
  • Obtaining leads
  • Sales growth and acquisition of new clients


PurpelZ’s SMART goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound, which will maximize its effectiveness.

After we’ve set our goals, figure out the metrics to determine how well we’ve achieved them.

Want to have us run your social media campaign? Click here.


Personify Your Buyers

Since identifying the ideal target audience is essential before launching a marketing campaign, we try to create buyer personas that serve as a detailed analysis of our target audience. Our movements will reverberate with the target audience if we select messages that resonate with them.

Select Proper Social Media Platforms

Choosing the proper social media channels is crucial when running a successful social media campaign.

Based on your buyer persona, content types, and frequency of posting for each channel, our team determines which social media channels your optimal audience prefers. In most cases, it also depends on what product or service you are providing.


Create a Schedule for Social Media

Social media campaigns are all about timing.

Utilizing a social media calendar allows you to arrange your data from start to finish of your campaign and manage your time more efficiently.

Having a timeline in place allows the PurpelZ team to focus on the specific changes required at a particular time. Our calendar includes the following activities:

To avoid delays in the content creation process, here is a summary of the content creation process.

  • Sharing inbound links: content curation posts
  • The share of important notifications from your members’ accounts is an active marketing post.
  • The campaign will provide social media updates across all platforms.


Find Out the Excellent Tools to Enhance Productivity

You’ll undoubtedly need different techniques at different stages of your social media campaign. When you know what strategies you will use at each stage of your social media campaign, you can increase the probability of achievement.

We can help in the following ways:


Content Creation

Social media marketing has become increasingly visual. Creating images and videos will help you reach your target audience.


Contextual Curation

To meet your social media content needs, you’ll need more than just your content. Throughout your campaign, we can increase engagement with your audience by sharing valuable content from other sources.


Social Media Management

Through social media marketing tools, we can share updates, schedule updates, listen to social media, collaborate with team members, and do many other tasks.

By doing so, your team and you can complete your social tasks on one platform, saving you time and effort.

Let’s manage your social media.


Analysis of Social Media

PurpelZ uses social media analytics tools to establish your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Tracking these KPIs will help you see how your campaign is progressing. Your campaign can then be adjusted and optimized based on this data.


Conduct Market Research

Using competitive analysis, we can find out what tactics and channels work best for your competition and which don’t.

We keep an eye on these critical aspects from your competitors:

  • Social media platforms use
  • Shared content types
  •  Regular Updates on social media
  • Produced outcomes

You can therefore exploit them to gain an edge over your competitors.


Track Your Performance by Creating a System.

By monitoring marketing effectiveness, you can determine if your campaigns are successful or not. Furthermore, we offer you details to help you adjust your campaigns while they are still running.

Measuring your metrics may also force you to adjust future campaigns. Nevertheless, it would help if you kept in mind that the metrics you record will depend on your campaign goals.

With a tool like Google Analytics, we find out how your website is performing when traffic is coming from a specific source.


Boost your chances of campaign success with our content marketing strategy.  Contact us online or call us at +1 (800) 213-7303.


  • Custom Website Design
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Layout & Image Selection
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Information Pages (WordPress)
  • Online Store Add-On
  • Web Pages
  • Web Copywriting (500 words per page)
  • Wordpress Website Maintenance
  • Additional Web Pages
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • Video Placement (Provide Video or Purchase a LYFE Video Plan)
  • One-time two hours of consultation


  • Add-On

  • $250
  • 1
  • $125/Page
  • $200/Mo
  • $125/Page


  • Add-On

  • $250
  • 5
  • $125/Page
  • $200/Mo
  • $125/Page


  • Add-On

  • $250
  • 8
  • $125/Page
  • $200/Mo
  • $125/Page

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“We have a great business relationship with PurpleZ. We had worked with several other marketing companies in the Los Angeles area in the past who didn't deliver results and I'm happy to say PurpleZ is doing that. They help bring our vision to life in a way that makes sense.”

Melanie Archer

CEO-founder, Archer Pilates

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“Talk about going above and beyond what we asked for and then a true partner, a professional team to satisfy all our needs taking the time to explain every strategy that was implemented. Great job, couldn't have made a better choice to handle our marketing!”

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“PurpleZ has been instrumental in helping us build an incredible lead generating machine. Everyone at PurpleZ that I’ve met has been extremely helpful, using their experience to navigate a clear path to a successful digital marketing plan.”

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