Core values and mission

We believe in being honest, transparent, and ethical. This means that we will always be upfront with you about what we can do for your business and how much it costs to get the job done right. We also don’t take shortcuts: our team of Google Ads experts will work hard to find the best solution for your situation rather than just selling one particular service or tool that may not be ideal for your needs (and could even hurt your ROI).

By offering clients the greatest quality of service imaginable, we are dedicated to assisting businesses in growing through online advertising technology like Google AdWords & Analytics so they can concentrate on operating their operations rather than learning how to handle their digital marketing campaigns.

Benefits of using Google Ads

Google Ads is a powerful tool that can help you increase website traffic, brand awareness, sales, and customer loyalty. Here are some of the ways it can benefit your business:

  • Boost traffic to the website: Google Ads are a great way to increase the number of people who visit your website.
  • Raise brand recognition: People are more willing to encounter advertising from companies like yours when they search for goods or services similar to yours online than they are to view any other ads, which means that those companies will come to mind when customers are ready to make a similar purchase in the future!
  • Showing adverts just when someone specifically searches for what you provide (rather than just any product or service) will increase revenue and client loyalty. This eliminates the possibility of bothering anyone who doesn’t require what you have to offer because they will only view pertinent adverts at the appropriate moment.

Team of seasoned Google Ads specialists

Our team of Google Ads specialists is experienced in all aspects of Google Ads. We have been working with the platform for years and are well-versed in everything from setting up campaigns to troubleshooting issues that may arise. Our experts are also familiar with the following:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics (formerly known as Webmaster Tools)
  • Tag Manager (formerly known as DoubleClick Digital Marketing)

Display Ads

Display Ads are text, image, and video ads on websites, apps, emails, and other digital properties. They’re a great way to reach your audience because they can deliver relevant ads to specific audiences. For example, display ads would be perfect if you have an eCommerce business and want to target people interested in buying shoes online!

Display Ads are cost-effective because they don’t require much time or money spent on creating content; instead, you need someone who knows how to write good copy for those campaigns.

Search Ads

Text adverts called “Search Ads” are displayed at the top and right of the search results page. They’re based on keywords, so you’ll want to ensure your keyword list is as thorough as possible. Search Ads can target specific users based on their location, demographic information (such as age), or interests.

Conversion tracking in Google Analytics can be set up to improve the conversion rate of Search Ads. This way, you’ll be able to tell if someone who saw your advertisement clicked on it and later made a purchase, giving you more knowledge about whether or not people value what you’re selling.

Video Ads

The most effective technique to advertise your business and goods is through video.

They’re more engaging than text, images, or ban, meaning you’ll see higher click-through rates (CTRs). Plus, they’re easier to create than other types of content in Google Ads.

Video ads can be used for many things:

  • To advertise goods or services that are pertinent to your enterprise
  • To increase brand awareness with targeted audiences who may not already know about PurpleZ Marketing Agency Irvine

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads are a great way to reach speedy looking for your product or service. They allow you to target specific products, categ,ories, and even price ranges. This is a great way to increase sales and conversions!

Crafting a Targeted Advertising Strategy

Before you start, it’s important to define the problem. What are your goals? Do you want to generate more leads for your company, drive traffic to and conversions from your website or blog?

If this is the first time you’ve created an advertising strategy for your business (or even if it isn’t), then it’s likely that some things could use improvement about how you advertise online:

  • Your ads may need to be reaching the right audience.
  • You might be spending too much on ads that must be revised for your company and its products/services.

Designing Compelling Ad Copies

When you’re designing compelling ad copies, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, ensure your ad copy is relevant to the target audience. You want to speak directly to them so they can relate and understand what you’re offering.

Secondly, keep it short and sweet! Remember that people online only have a little time or patience for reading long articles or paragraphs of text before getting down into the nitty-gritty details about what you have available for sale or rent.

Thirdly, make sure your ad copy engages viewers by including images or videos (if applicable) that show off what’s being offered engagingly–this will help draw people in even further than words alone could do on their own! Lastly but most importantly: design ads with customer responses as a top priority; make sure whatever response mechanism(s) are included within these advertisements make sense logically AND emotionally so consumers feel compelled enough by what they see/read.

Maximizing Ad Visibility with SEO

SEO and Google Ads work hand-in-hand to help you maximize ad visibility. Your SEO strategy can significantly impact your ads’ performance, relevance, and overall success.

  • Regarding search engine optimization (SEO), many factors can affect the visibility of your website’s pages in the SERPs (search engine results pages). These include:
  • Page content & structure
  • Keyword research & targeting
  • On-page optimization (elements such as titles)
  • Backlinks

Budgeting and Bidding Strategies

There are several factors to consider when setting your budget and bids, including:

  • How much you’re willing to spend on AdWords ads? This should be based on how much it costs to acquire a new customer, as well as the lifetime value of that customer.
  • Before generating an ad group focusing on such keywords (or while doing so), you can estimate this number with the aid of tools like the WordStream Keyword Tool or the Keyword Planner from Google.

Once you’ve determined these figures and created an initial budget/bid structure, we recommend testing different bid amounts until they reach their maximum value–the highest amount at which they still deliver positive ROI within a reasonable timeframe (three months).

Ad Performance Tracking and Analytics

Google Ads allows you to track a wide range of data to help you improve your advertising performance. The tracking options available include:

  • Conversions – Track conversions from your ads and how much revenue each conversion is worth.
  • AdWords Remarketing – This function displays advertisements to users of your app or website who have already visited them. Personalized messages depending on their interests can also be shown using dynamic ad insertion (for instance, if someone has viewed an article about dogs, they might see an advertisement for dog food).

A/B Testing and Optimization

Two versions of a website or email are compared using A/B testing to see which one performs better. By developing an improved version that encourages more people to take action, the objective is to increase your conversion rate.

For example, if you’re selling shoes online and want more people to buy them, you could A/B test two landing pages: one with a video and another without. The video may help explain why this particular shoe is great for running or walking (and therefore worth buying) but also slow down load time because it takes up more bandwidth than text alone; this would give you insight into how much value the video brings in terms of conversion rate versus cost in terms of page load time.

You can run A/B tests on almost anything–the color scheme of your website’s call-to-action buttons; whether or not there should be an arrow pointing at them; whether the button says “Buy Now” or “Order Today”; etc., etc., etc… It all depends on what kind of information you want from these tests–and how much effort/resources are required!

Remarketing and Audience Targeting

Remarketing is an effective method for contacting potential clients. It is online advertising that shows advertisements to users of your mobile app or website. Remarketing is a fantastic approach to reconnect with clients, remind them of what they’ve already seen, and introduce them to new goods or services that they might find appealing.