What is influencer outreach?

As its name suggests, Influencer outreach is a powerful strategy for developing trustworthiness and raising awareness of your brand. In this type of marketing, you connect with those influencers who have the power to influence your target audience.



Is influencer outreach still effective?

It is still effective and beneficial to both the market and the influencer. If you are a food manufacturer or want to promote your business in food products, you can find food bloggers or tasters to advertise your business on their Instagram page. Social Media is a great platform where people make money from marketing their products or businesses using people who have lost followers.

How can I find influencers?

The first question that hits business owners’ minds is finding powerful influencers and what tools to use. The best tools to find them include:


BuzzSumo’s influencer search tool is a powerful tool to find social media profiles based on a specific keyword or what websites they share content from.

BuzzSumo breaks down each person’s influence, showing you domain authority, number of followers, and their number of retweets.


Hunter is a helpful tool to find people’s emails. Just type in the company website, and the tool generates a list of possible emails.


 Hey Press is a simple search engine for finding influencer outreach and journalists. This research tool starts at $15/month.


There is no need to mention that Instagram is a widely used platform and popular among the young population. This platform is an excellent place to promote your business by influencers and get ranks, leads, and followers. Instagram classified businesses you want to reach out to.

How can Social media influencers skyrocket your sales?



Companies collaborate with influencers to gain new customers and promote their brands. They are interested in teaming up with influencers rather than celebrities.

Your business can earn positive reviews and sales using the right social media influencers. Influencers dramatically impact every stage of this modern purchase journey: Awareness, Engagement and Action.

At the Awareness stage, they familiarize their audience with your brand identity. Their presentation skills are the perfect means for everything from initial product introduction to help consumers understand complicated features and benefits, thus raising awareness.

Engagement is the middle step that turn into action, Likes, shares, comments. Consumers tend to review a product or service and take steps toward a buying decision. Influencers can help move people one step further by offering compelling content leading people to learn more and share their experiences and recommendations.

In the Action stage, a campaign can use calls to action like sharing a coupon or a discount to hesitating consumers. These campaigns use social media influencers to drive customers and boost sales.

What are the top techniques for influencer outreach?

  • Research top candidates before influencer outreach

In this stage, you need to find partners to develop a successful influencer relationship.

Interact with potential influencers 

You should keep in contact with influencers by doing something such as liking and commenting on their posts, tagging them, and interacting in a friendly way.

  • Tell them about the campaign

Now it’s time to craft a personal message. If you want to get a faster response, you can message them on Instagram. 

  • Be specific about your expectations 

You should clarify them about your wants and priorities, what platforms you want to use, and the number of posts you expect.

  • Be clear about the payment

 Payment for sponsored posts is a norm. You should make the partnership beneficial on both sides (you and influencers). You should consider perks and benefits as well as payments, whether it be a free trial of your software, free products for a specific time, or invitations to special events. 

  • Create compelling content

It is worth noting that 93% of influencer marketing campaigns now use Instagram Stories and boost their sales to 60%. 

Both brands and influencers want to create and share content that matches their brand and audiences’ wants and needs.

  • Nurture relationships

To keep in touch with your influencers, it is a good idea to send them a thoughtful thank you note and share the results from your campaign.

Influencer outreach statistics

According to 99 firms statistics

  • Fashion (81.4%) is the most-developed influencer marketing industry,
  • 51% of marketers work with up to 10 influencers a year.
  • 84% of Instagram influencers are female.
  • Micro-influencer campaigns drive 60% higher engagement.
  • 58.5% of marketers aim to boost brand awareness with influencer marketing.

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