The Background and brand review

USPVS Law Office P.C. provides immigration-related counsel and representation in Viejo, California, and surrounding communities. This firm has successfully handled hundreds of cases for investors, businesses, and families from all around the world.

They provide rich information on how to apply for admission to the U.S. and Canada.

Open Project

The Problem

This Immigration Firm was looking to increase leads via the world wide web.

Starting this company, looking for SEO, was just a young start-up. The website was in poor shape and needed top-to-bottom optimization for proper SEO and, ultimately, rankings that produce phone calls and leads.

The solution

We began by implementing a more substantial keyword presence, reduced some obvious over-optimization, and then optimized for search on the local level. This involved everything from site speed improvements, blog writing, and optimization, along with off-page signals to help grow visibility.

When a business opens up, marketing is starting from scratch. There’s are specific actions that need to be taken for any local business, such as:

  • Build a website with sound SEO fundamentals
  • Create and complete a GMB Listing (Google Maps) and link it to your homepage
  • Create listings in all of the local directories (Citations) that link to your homepage
  • Develop a strategy for collecting reviews from customers

Since USPVS has multiple locations, the website needed to be structured to have its location page with that location’s particular details, separate from the main website.

PurpleZ-offered Services

Web design

Social media marketing in Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube platforms


Content creation

Logo design

Multilingual Blogging

Online reputation


New users  +45%

Sessions  +30%

Total clicks  +50%

Total impressions  +155%

Social media

+ 180% accounts reached

+ 50% content interactions

+ 9% total followers

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