Why Social Media Marketing Is Essential for Growing Your Construction Company in 2021?

When it comes to social media marketing, businesses in the commercial sector of Orange County seem to be hesitant.

There is a widespread misunderstanding that no one cares whether they see a building project on Instagram. However, social media marketing may be an exemplary contribution to their marketing arsenal for many construction businesses in Orange County.

You can utilize a social media marketing strategy to promote your business and even produce quality leads if you do it effectively.  Social media marketing is a valuable tool for promoting your construction firm, getting the word out, and building brand awareness and industry authority. It is, nevertheless, a new world. for construction firms, so I’m going to explain how to do it properly.

Let’s start with the fundamentals: what social media marketing is and why it’s essential.

after we’ve found it out, We’ll proceed on to some quick actions that will help you effectively implement social media marketing for your construction firm .

What is Social Media Marketing?

Although the terms “social media advertising” and “social media marketing” are commonly interchanged. They’re two very different things, even though they’re both effective marketing strategies.

social media marketing:

The activities you undertake on your social media channels are referred to as social media marketing. Social media marketing is if you post your blogs to LinkedIn or Facebook or offer regular company updates on Instagram.

social media advertising:

Any sponsored social media engagement is referred to as social media advertising. So, while sharing your blog article on Facebook is social media marketing, promoting that post and investing some money in it is social media or Facebook advertising.


Is Social Media Marketing Useful for My Construction Business?

The Short answer is, Yes!  However, you might be asking why. Why should my construction firm invest in a social media marketing strategy? Let’s think about that for a moment. Do you have an Instagram or Twitter account? What about Facebook? Do any of your coworkers have profiles on social media? What about some of your most treasured customers?

Even if it’s exclusively a B2B construction company, every firm is made up of people. Most people nowadays have at least one, if not many, social media accounts. In 2018, there were an estimated 243.6 million social network users in the United States alone. This equates to around 75% of the country’s population. In reality, that number has only increased in the last few years. If you think about it, there are construction firm managers, facilities managers, homeowners, company owners, investors, and more among those 243 million individuals. Simply said, your ideal consumer and target demographic are on social media. So, You should be as well.


But Can Social Media Marketing Actually Drive Results?

The answer is that it is dependent on the quality of your social media marketing plan and your social media profile aims.

There are a few ways that a social media marketing strategy functions.


  • Your brand’s promotion platform. A means of getting your excellent news and material into the hands of those who desire it.
  • A method for raising brand recognition: People are more likely to remember you and pick you for their next building job if your brand is easily identifiable.
  • A strategy to connect with your target audience: You could invest in social networking by connecting with your followers on social media. You can develop solutions that answer your audience’s frequent pain points and concerns once you’ve identified them.
  • A tool for generating leads: You may utilize social media to bring leads to your website and construction firm if done correctly
  • Customer service: This type of customer care is now provided by a large number of businesses. You can have real-time discussions with your consumers via social media. You’re giving your consumer a positive time by offering social media customer service.

Considering that, Let’s explore how your construction firm can get begin with social media marketing.



How my Construction Company Can Get Started with Social Media Marketing

It might take some time to get your social media marketing plan off the ground. The most challenging element for construction businesses in Orange County, in particular, appears to be simply getting started. Follow these steps to we’re going to make sure that you can keep on track.


If you want to get started but are not sure how?. PurpleZ is available to answer any queries. As you can see in our portfolio and testimonials, we’ve had years of experience working with construction firms.


Create a Content Calendar   

You’ll want to create a content calendar once you’ve settled about your social media platform and social media marketing strategy. It’s crucial to stay structured and consistent when it comes to social media marketing. To attract and keep a big, engaged audience, carefully calculate a combination of promotional, informative, and interesting material. You should also schedule your posts to coincide with the most popular periods.


Choose a Social Media Platform

How can you be sure you’re choosing the correct platform when there are so many to select from? Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are at the top of the list, but it doesn’t stop there. Every social media platform has its own set of features that may or may not benefit your business. However, this does not imply that each social media site is ideal for reaching your target audience. Conduct extensive research on each social media network to determine which platform is worth your company’s time and money.

We’re going to review some of the top social media platforms for construction firms, along with the objectives that each platform is best suited for.



Even though Facebook is over ten years old. It can function for your construction firm as a very relevant connection builder platform. It humanizes your brand and helps people to understand what sets you apart from your rivals. It allows people to get to know, like, and trust you, which is essential for any successful business.

Facebook may also be utilized as a source of referrals. If someone on Facebook has used your service, they can recommend it to their friends. On this site, you are more likely to connect with individuals you know. Find someone looking for a construction firm referral and send them to your page or a direct representative of your company. This may be a huge help.



Twitter is a social media network that allows you to connect with people you want to know. It helps you network with other experts in your area, form business partnerships, and establish yourself as an authority in your field.   Photos are also rapidly recognized and posted on Twitter. Your Twitter following may serve as a marketing army for your business. By utilizing your buyer personas to target people in your business and even potential consumers via tweets, Twitter helps you engage with people in your industry.



Isn’t it true that a picture is worth a thousand words? So, instead of telling your story, let Instagram tell it for you. This platform may be used to promote your brand, showcase your achievements, and convey your company’s narrative through short films and images. Instagram allows you to provide a public link that leads visitors to your website, resulting in increased traffic and exposure. You may display daily activities, inspire your consumers with projects/ideas, and advertise your brand utilizing current trends. Know your customer personas and incorporate them into your Instagram social media strategy. Instagram is where your creativity should shine.



This platform is arguably the most underappreciated by companies, even though it significantly influences SEO and visual storytelling. It allows you to categorize your services, videos, and business-related subjects. Pinterest is the third most popular social media network. Pinterest not only helps with SEO by tying every pin back to your website, but it also aids in client education.

The goal is to establish oneself as an industry expert and to provide value to everyone around you. That’s what makes you stand out.


We advise that you begin with just one platform.

Don’t overcommit or overextend yourself if your organization is new to social media marketing.

Start with one or two platforms and concentrate on developing your audience there before expanding. Consistent, high-quality posting is the key to successful social media marketing for construction firms.


What Type of Content Should I Post

I refuse to accept that you and your firm, involved in so many interesting and exciting projects, have nothing to say. So here’s a tiny push in the right direction. Here are five social media postings that your construction firm might make right now.


Show Off Your Expertise

Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself. We’re all guilty of it. It is something that we must all do. And we all feel a bit strange doing it, but we convince ourselves that we have no choice. Have you recently completed a project that looks fantastic? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Make it a habit to photograph your most remarkable work in high-resolution and post it on your page. Take nice photographs of each room and save them in a computer folder. Pull one out and publish it on a day when you’re lost for what to write about.


Contests to engage followers

What other social media strategy do you have for gaining new followers? Organize a social media competition! For prizes or branded products, encourage followers to like, comment, and share a post. You receive free publicity, and they get free merchandise. It’s a win-win situation.

You might make it more meaningful by attaching it to a charitable cause. This helps position your company as the go-to contractor in your neighborhood while simultaneously doing good for that same community.


News and insights from the industry

You don’t want to be the same as the rest of the contractors(that is why we provide one-of-a-kind solutions!). Discuss industry news and trends that come from reliable sources. It positions you as the thought leader that every professional construction wishes to be, increasing the number of clients that want to work with the best in the industry.


Get Involved, Stay Involved

It’s time to get engaged with your prospects.

Your active involvement is critical to the success of your social media strategy, regardless of the platform you choose.

Respond to any comments left on your post, even if it’s only to express gratitude for their input. The more active you are on these social media marketing sites, the stronger your brand will become and the more authority you will get in your field.


I’m sure you have a solid understanding of social media marketing strategies by now, but check out this post if you need any more social media marketing advice.


Wrap-up on Social Media Marketing Strategies

Construction company social media marketing is an excellent social media strategy to raise brand recognition, develop your following, and extend your pool of quality prospects. However, it is not always easy.

As you gain experience with social media marketing, you may broaden your approaches to include other social media platforms and even engage in social media advertising campaigns.

The PurpleZ team is here to assist you whether you’re new to social media marketing or your construction firm wants to start a social media marketing strategy but isn’t sure how.

PurpleZ is here to answer any questions you might have; you can see our client testimonials; PurpleZ has previously helped many construction businesses in Orange County.



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