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OC#1 Product Strategy Types for Your Business

Pricing Strategy

In product pricing strategy, we dictate product features, the value customers relate with them, and the brand. For luxurious products, we set high prices, and for low-cost brands, the pricing strategy is to keep your price low.

Differentiation Strategy

Our product differentiation strategy focuses on giving your product a specific personality that makes it memorable and distinguished to your customers.

Positioning Strategy

We use a positioning strategy to create an image of a brand’s product or service in the mind and heart of target customers.

Focus Strategy

We use a focus strategy to target the needs of a select group of people. It is a method of developing, marketing, and selling products to a specified target market.

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Product Roadmap for Southern California Small Businesses in 2023

PurpleZ, as a powerful Product Strategy Marketing Company in Irvine, implements a product roadmap to set out the vision and direction of your product. A roadmap is a strategic guiding and a plan for implementing the product strategy. Using a product roadmap enhances performance, increases customer satisfaction, revenue, optimization, and improves security. What we do in the road mapping process includes generating goals for a specific period of time, identifying the problems, aligning with your internal teams and stakeholders, defining metrics of success, and prioritizing the product roadmap.



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Before executing the product strategy, we consider elements including your target customer or market, the uniqueness of your product in the market, problems your product solves for customers, pricing of the product, and distribution of your product. In the process of product strategy, we identify your target market, the competitive setting, and how you will differentiate yourself. Another important strategy PurpleZ uses for your products is product development used to bring new products to a market or modify existing products. Here's how we develop your product.

2023 PurpleZ's Steps to Product Development Strategy

Strategy 1

Idea Development

Brainstorming for new products and making existing products appear well.

Strategy 3


Creating a finished product to use as a sample for mass production.

Strategy 2

Research and Selection

Determining which ideas have an impact and influence on the market.

Strategy 4


Investigating the market and evaluating the possible problems with the product.

Why Do You Need a Successive Product Strategy For Marketing?

A product strategy is a necessary plan that helps you accomplish your goals when thinking about starting a career. While it can lead you to outstanding achievements if moving appropriately, it can also fall your whole plan apart. That is why you need a professional team to design the strategy for your marketing.

First of all, there are several vital objectives you should consider before setting a product strategy up.

Vision Of The Market

The most important thing is to know who will use your product or services so you can target your customers and their desires. 

Spot The Hunger

Every market has its own needs and interests. To fulfill that, you need to find out what customers demand at the moment.

The Goals

A product strategy without a final goal worths nothing. There must be a metric to determine whether you have succeeded in your plan or not, so set this before you start.

Business Models

Business models are necessary to understand the problems, solutions, growth, and other aspects of your product strategy. There are many different types of models, such as Lean Canvas, 10Ps Marketing Matrix, and Porter’s Five Forces. All models include an exclusive algorithm you can use.

Different Types of Product Strategies

Not all the products strategies are the same. It is up to you to choose which plan will lead you to a better result. The most popular types you may want to consider are as follows”

1.Cost Strategy

It focuses on the lowest price possible to sell more. You may consider this kind of strategy for low-effort products that the brands are not matters among customers.

2.Focus Strategy

This strategy is an effective one for large customer-based companies that want to gain their older clients’ loyalty while recruiting new ones by creating new products for those specific groups.

3.Quality Strategy

Quality strategy exclusively focuses on creating some spectacular products with the highest quality possible. It aims at unique customers who are not afraid of expensive costs, and the only thing that matters to them is the quality of the product.

4.Service Strategy

To lots of customers, the services you offer are more important than the product itself. To attract these kinds of clients, you must provide different types of after-sale services.

If you are wondering now which kinds of product strategies suit your market better, you should not worry; That is the exact reason we here.

Just call us at +1 (800) 213-7303  right now and leave everything else to the PurpleZ expert team.


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