How Does PurpleZ contribute to Your Growth? Unique services in 2021

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purplez services

What Do PurpleZ services include?

PurpleZ, as the top 20 Marketing Agency in OC,  provides the most recent marketing services since this great company keeps up with marketing trends to satisfy customers’ needs.

PurpleZ offers every kind of marketing, from growth strategy to video marketing based on clients’ needs. Here, we outline top services. If you want to learn more about other services, click the links below to be directed to service pages.

Brand Marketing

Your brand is your symbol and demonstrates your character.

A unique brand outshines your business, and it will stay engraved in your customers’ minds.

You can make a framework for your brand guidelines to define your brand and how it will go through your marketing campaigns. Define your USPs (unique selling points), brand image, and value proposition.

We expand the influence of your business beyond the goods or services. We create, foster, and sustain a solid public image or “name” for your marketplace business.

In addition, we include brand story creation, brand management, brand development in the brand marketing services.

Would you like to brand your business?  Let’s Go.


Digital Marketing


We implement SEO analysis, keyword analysis, SEO content analysis, and more in our SEO strategy plan. Our expert SEO team analyses On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and technical SEO and repair website errors. Our content team creates 100% unique content, so it appears on the first page of Google in no time.



PPC advertising (Pay Per Click) is called paid digital marketing, where advertisers pay a fee whenever they are clicked. Using PPC, your company can promote products, services, promotions, and conversion-driving.



In our SEM strategy plan, we consider SEO analysis and PPC audit. These two subcategories fall under the SEM umbrella. Our dedicated team provides SEO services. We provide Proactive bid management, Ads across Google Ads, Ad campaign copywriting and performance testing, Ongoing keyword development, Custom PPC strategy, and Regular reporting. The combination of these two items makes your website visible in SERP and boosts your business.


Influencer marketing

We implement an influencer marketing plan with growing marketing platforms and micro and nano influencers. Influencers are intertwined with brands to create sponsored posts and ads with the potential for virality.

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Website Design

It’s one of the essential parts of your online marketing endeavors. There are numerous issues on your website that can harm your SEO and corrupt your credibility.

H1 tags, images, and load speed are just a few of them that add worth to your Webpage. We will go through your website carefully and ensure that every aspect of your site goes well.

We offer web design, eCommerce (Shopify and Magento), and mobile services. Through our bespoke result-driven web design and eCommerce solutions, we bring measurable outcomes to our clients. As an Award-Winning Orange County Based Web Design and Experts in Website Development, we Turn Ideas Into Great Digital Solutions.

Further, we offer custom responsive web design, mobile app development, UX design, Web hosting, Mobile App, and more.


Want to get your website designed?


Social Media Marketing

We will connect with your customers through forums, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Tumblr, and other social media.

To succeed at social media, you need engaging content, catchy designs, platforms, Ad campaigns, influencers, and a dedicated manager to manage your social media campaign.

Further, we have strategic planning and management structure to proceed with the best social media marketing strategy.

Want to distribute your content on the Social media platform?



 Content Marketing

Content plays the most important role in the marketing industry. We generate content based on SEO standards, interaction, and conversion.

In our content marketing strategy plan, we consider the five most essential elements to the best result. We include a timeline in your template, assign tasks to our team who knows the content strategy’s directive, brainstorm different topics consistent with diverse audiences, SEO search for optimized content, and then distribute them on social media platforms.

Let’s have a look at 3 main content marketing services.


Content creation

We create and implement click-worthy content, including a blog post, video, eBook, Tweet, infographics, and advertisement that helps you reach more leads for your business.

Content Optimization

To optimize your content, We use Google Analytics to analyze the percentage of bounce rates, conversion rates, top pages, number of clicks, and permissions.


Copywriting is the art of writing copy that sells your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action. Our copywriters communicate sales messages at once through billboards, magazine ads, sales letters, blog posts, and more.

We deliver your copy based on the deadlines you determine. Our team of writers is agile and flexible, and they work on your web projects precisely and punctually. They work on your websites 24/7.

Learn more bout  PurpleZ’s content marketing services.


Now that you have learned what marketing services we offer and made your mind to pick up those services based on your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at +1 (800) 213-7303


Brand Reputation Solutions

We have worked with many clients and established ourselves as one of the most trustworthy online solution providers in Southern California.

Whatever business you own, there is a name of it somewhere, and people will look it up to see how good and strong your brand is; we ensure your brand’s values are bold and spoken about in the online world.

When your brand obtains a better reputation on different platforms such as Google,  there is a higher traffic flow coming to your business.

Want to get a Brand reputation with us? Click here   



Check our website and use more than ten set tools specially designed to make your job easier, and the good news is they are available freely.

Tools we provide are


Speed test to assess your website’s load speed

Password Generator(If you want to make your passwords stronger and hard to crack, use this tool).,

An IP lookup to check your IP address and make sure if your connection is secured with a VPN or not,

RGB to Hex Converter, which helps you converting RGB to hex and hex to RGB.




More about us

Since 2015, we have worked with hundreds of clients and proved ourselves to be the best marketing agency for Orange County businesses. We worked with various industries, and with years of experience, you can trust us with your business growth.

We are one of the top full-service marketing agencies based in Irvine, Orange County, focused on small-midsized business. We understand your needs, wants, and expectations and satisfy them to the best of our ability.

We believe in building relationships beyond milestones and paychecks. We help you choose budget-friendly projects.


Want to benefit from our services? Contact us online or call us at +1 (800) 213-7303.

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