Psychology in marketing in 2022

Every business owner wants to achieve success and engage more customers as possible. If you want to influence customers you must understand their needs and psychology will help you in this process. By use of psychology in marketing you can analyze cognitive biases, and emotions that are crucial in decision-making. In this blog, we introduce some psychological strategies that help you to influence your customers and increase sales.

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psychology in marketing


Story Telling to Engage More customers in 2022

To attract more customers you must tell a story. Stories are more influential than short and simple ads. Stories are catchy and you can make a human connection by storytelling. Customers aren’t reasoned creatures, so telling a good story attracts their attention and you see the engagement.

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Starting Small as a psychological factor in marketing

One of the psychological factors in marketing is starting small, not insisting on the customers for shopping. One example of starting small is the foot-in-door technique. It is a strategy that helps you to persuade customers to do a certain action. CTAs and free trials are good examples of this technique because they persuade consumers to make a decision and purchase.

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Prize Brand Loyalty to engage more customers in 2022

Having a loyalty program is an effective technique because our brain likes rewards and prizes. Based on research customers prefer a brand that offers loyalty programs. Membership and loyalty cards, point-based programs are examples of the brand loyalty program.

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psychology in marketing


Use The Power Words as Psychology in Marketing Technique

Psychology in Marketing has different aspects and Language is one of those important aspects. The words, grammar, and structures that you use would influence your customers to a great extent. Marketing psychologists suggest a language that gains trust and conveys the message effectively. Customers like word and phrases that give a good feeling to them and makes them curious. Be sure that you give a clear image to your customers about your product to increase their engagement and make them receptive to buying.

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Using Senses and Sensory Marketing

Another important psychological factor in marketing is using five senses that is called sensory marketing. It involves using creative ways to attract customers. People decide by using visual senses, taste, touch, smell, and sound and you should work on these sensory aspects to create a unique experience for your customers.

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Encouraging Impulsive Buying

When talking about psychology in marketing and attracting more customers you should consider impulsive buying. It is the immediate decision for buying items without any intention or planning. Close to 84 percent of American customers make such irrational purchases. Retailers can encourage their customers into impulsive buying by the use of eye-catching signs, positioning products at the right places, targeting psychological triggers, and using mobile technology.

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In conclusion:

Now you know that psychology in marketing is a crucial subject and you can achieve success and appeal to more customers by applying these tricks and techniques. We at Purple Z are ready to gather data and analyze it to identify your potential customers and help you to use the right psychological factors in marketing and influencing your customers.

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